This note left on my car

I'm catching the vibration

Sometimes you just got to dance with the doots.

Hope to make it to the other side.

That was fun, but I'm glad to be back

  1. I like it too, I’ve gotten every M since 2017 and I like the design. It looks like a grippy piece of wood, almost like an ancient torch. I’d hazard to say it’s my fave design since 2018. I just wasn’t feeling all the angles of the recent designs. This seems round and grippy with a very analog design.

  2. Well, dang. You described it in a way that made me look at it differently. You've just changed my mind. Thanks! I'll order one!

  3. Honestly I would love to see one set in Eastern Europe. Like a remote region that never really recovered from the economic upheaval from the collapse of the Soviet Union. It’s run by the former Pilotburo Chief turned Oligarch of the region and ex KGB/NKVD officials have territories and supporters. There’s a small resistance armed by the west due to large mineral deposits and oil in the region. As for Weapons I’d love to see old Soviet weapons (RPK’s, AK’s, RPD’s, DShK’s, PPSH’s, Dragunov’s, RPG’s, Tokarev Pistols, Nagant Revolvers, Mosin Nagant Rifles, etc) but also a host of western weapons from the 50’s onward that are funneled into the region by none other than Willis Huntley (and his predecessors) who came out of retirement to do what he does best- be a patriotic sonofabitch. Also some leftover German Weapons from WW2- like Mp40’s, Panzerfaust disposable rockets, Luger pistols, STG-44’s, etc)

  4. pocket salt! even better then pocket sand!

  5. It's so good man. Pacing is a bit of an issue in the second season, but they've got so much content to get through and it's clear they wanna touch on as much of it as possible.

  6. Use it in place of butter for a grilled cheese. It will elevate your whole game

  7. My mind is blown. Just made plans for second breakfast. /sincerely

  8. Yes take a look at my menu on and let me know which you want to add via DM

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