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  1. I finally reached the point where I'm giving up on working and applying for income assistance and disability. Income assistance in my province has a stipulation where if you can't work due to health you don't have to prove you're looking for work. I believe the requirements are not NEARLY as steep as they are for disability. To be on disability you first have to be on income assistance.

  2. Thanks. My quick googling didn't turn up a clear answer for a local "disability help group", but having this phrase may help me ask around. I know a few people who probably know who to reach out to.

  3. Yeah I'm not sure what key words would help tbh. Words are not my strong suit, as brain fog is a main symptom for me. But I'm glad you have people who you can ask. The disability alliance is so prominent that I think they are listed on the provinces website as where you can go to ask for help, and my NP told me I could go to them although I already knew by that point.

  4. If you've downloaded a bunch of apps, make sure they don't ping the watch a lot in the background. I downloaded a battery monitor app and if the settings are left as is, it drains the battery super fast. I only used the battery monitor app for a few days, with minimal settings to ping the watch as little as possible.

  5. I was given a prescription for nausea medication once and the side effects were so bad I think I only took it twice.

  6. I can't go to concerts because I can't be in loud places - but making sure ear plugs are easily available would be good. I'm really sensitive to loud places due to migraine. It's extreme for me so at this point I personally just wouldn't even go.

  7. The insane thing isn't the scissors, it's the fact they just straight up cut the bacon in half with the package

  8. I cut it in half like in the photo but with a knife

  9. I don't think most people know what it is. I'm in Canada. I probably wouldn't notice either even though I've heard of it, I just wouldn't remember

  10. Definitely my preferred band amongst the official Google ones. A bit narrow maybe, but feels nicely crafted.

  11. I've been wondering how the material felt on your wrist. It's so hard to tell from photos. "Recycled yarn" gives me zero idea of how it would feel, and if anything I'm afraid it won't feel good or like sensory hell. I'm sure it probably doesn't but it doesn't look like it feels good

  12. It feels like it will break in and become softer. It's quite stiff atm and makes a creaking noise when you flex it. It doesn't feel hard to the skin but there's still a question mark over how durable it will prove to be. It's very comfortable though.

  13. HOLY SHIT YES. I also am disabled and have chronic fatigue, with a medically restricted diet.

  14. omg yeah I have carpal tunnel syndrome (makes it p hard to pick up pans) and am glucose and lactose intolerant, and sensitive to gluten as well. I quit drinking about 5 months ago which was apparently my main source of calories cause I've lost like 30lbs since then 😅 luckily I was a bit overweight so I'm currently in the healthy range but I know I can't continue on this trajectory for ever. We're not alone 🤝

  15. Oh yeah, I am definitely overweight so while I could stand to lose the weight, it is coming off too fast so it's a very unhealthy weightloss. It's quite concerning to me.

  16. My raven zz took 2 years to go from props to sprouting their own leaves. These plants take a long time. Don't throw them out until they are well and truly dead, super dead.

  17. Yes. The sensitivity of Pixel Watch's step counting is above average. It's more sensitive than any trackers I had, and may be a bit too sensitive.

  18. Really? This is fascinating because I've been suspecting mine has been way undercounting my steps, but maybe my Versa 1 was just way worse for over counting

  19. I agree, meditation before bed helps me a lot too when I have difficulty falling asleep. Melatonin too.

  20. How nice of them to advertise like that so I know not to go into their business

  21. Ugh I never knew how bad nausea could be until I had an IBS attack in March 2021. I've since been told it's very unusual to have a nausea reaction to fructose, but I had been drinking tea with honey every day, and as the nausea got worse I was drinking more ginger tea with honey 🤦 thankfully a doctor mentioned the low FODMAP diet for me (anyone reading this considering going on a low FODMAP diet, please consult a dietitian first).

  22. I got this suction cup shower head holder thing from Amazon and I freaking love it. I use it with my shower chair as well as when I'm in the bath

  23. ❤️ I know there are people out there who use them, and people like us who need them but aren't sure what to get ❤️

  24. I thankfully haven't run into it too much, but I know there's a subset of the ME/CFS community who have an "us vs. them" mentality with people that have long COVID. I had one lady yell at me for suggesting we have some empathy because we are all sick.... lmao

  25. Holy shit, this is truly wild. I guess in my own head I can only think "hurt people hurt people"

  26. Yeah the main reason why I still wanted him to be able to walk (though I'm not sure yet how much) without his wheelchair is because I've seen a post here before talking about the need for that kind of representation, and wanted to provide varied rep if I'm going to make a story. I normally like to focus on representation that is often less shown, since it's needed more, so I'm glad to know I'm on the right track!!!

  27. Jessica sometimes uses mobility aids herself. She has some kind of power chair, but most of her content is in and around her house so you don't see her use it much. It's mostly for when she leaves her house, but again she doesn't always use it.

  28. First of all, I'm so so sorry for the delay in reply!!! I've had a lot going on and I've been very tired, so I haven't been in the mood for typing. I hope it hasn't come off as ungrateful for your help, and I really appreciate your response thank you :)))

  29. No problem for not responding right away. I love Reddit for being asynchronous. Being chronically ill, I don't have the energy to respond to people right away either. Not always anyway.

  30. Cucumber is one veggie I'd always eat. You can eat it sliced with crackers, or alone, make a cucumber salad with vinegar, put it on a lettuce salad. Put it in water to flavour your water if you're into that.

  31. I also have ADHD, inattentive. I don't have CFS but I do have chronic fatigue and for years. And sometimes it's so bad I can't really do much of anything. Like not cooking my own food, just grab something or heat something up.

  32. I'm struggling so bad with this right now that I'm losing weight.

  33. I would try other people's suggestions first.

  34. Figured it out. Sinus headache. I'm going back to bed.

  35. most of the sleep tracking features are not behind the premium paywall. i haven't purchased the pixel watch yet and am still using a Fitbit Versa 1. i am currently paying for premium just to see what additional features premium has, and at least for the sensors on my current watch, there isn't much extra benefit. with some extra sensors there might be, but again i don't think there is a lot.

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