1. do you really get all of them or just the ones you won but forget to click claim yet?


  3. I understand your point and I do agree for MMR to pubstomp. Unfortunately MTGA is set up to work like a job where they reward wins only and you are on a time crunch (24 hours before reset) and if you miss out then you are further behind as a F2P/Semi F2P player. I am a dad with multiple kids and dont have alot of time to sit and play out bad matchups or poor draws continuously. I believe that this would be resolved by not having a wins only reward system to encentivise other game mechanics besides meta decking and wins per hour.

  4. so it seems you are just playing for rewards and not for fun.

  5. Playing for rewards is fun for many people. Get this gatekeepy bullshit outta here

  6. thing is, OP isnt playing for rewards, he conceding

  7. Those cards that rotated out of standard (luminarch, chariot) are back to their original print.

  8. not all of them, epiphany for example is still nerfed in historic

  9. Ah, I see. Tell us more about the youniverse?

  10. i already forgot more than you will ever know.

  11. Mmmm mmm. In this case, you forgot other people exist. Kind of a big one to forget.

  12. Why do all this when random draws achieve the same?

  13. its probably one of the most powerful cards in the format right now.

  14. LegenVD made a Historic Brawl Pirate Tribal deck a while back, i think its the best format to play pirates.

  15. can you email me some? better email some electric too, my battery is getting low.

  16. yeah just give me your email adress and CC details to confirm that you are not a robot.

  17. They do but they'll arrive in 18 months and be bent in half.

  18. it also wont be your ram, you are just allowed to play with it

  19. why waste ressources to implement cards for a format only a small minority plays?

  20. In order to grow the playerbase. Every Pioneer player who doesn't currently play Arena (or plays it very little) is a potential regular in the Explorer queue. For me, there is a direct correlation between how closely Explorer resembles Pioneer and how much time and money I'm willing to spend on Arena.

  21. well you can check the pack contents of the 3 packs offered on their website before deciding.

  22. game crashes have been more frequent lately for me personally and also some streamers i watch.

  23. usually it is a great way for new players to boost their collection since you get 2 rares and a bunch of other cards for just 1k gold.

  24. So I'm a returning player - been only playing historic because I haven't played since crimson vow.

  25. yeah, right now you got 3 good options to catch up on the last couple of standard sets, lets say you have 10k gold to spend:

  26. you seem under the impression that its a bad format for newer players just because you dont like it.

  27. I havent said it’s bad for new players. I said they are pushing new players towards it by making it the default format on Arena (ie starter decks)

  28. its the default format for the 5 mono colored starter decks because they arent standard legal.

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