1. anybody who tells you they study that much is either lying or failing

  2. I fucking knew it was aliens

  3. I'm not convinced it's not aliens

  4. I mentioned a ranke complex to a surgeon once and he had no clue what I was talking about. anki let me down that day

  5. the mcat might be an equalizer but it's also completely non indicative of how a student will do in med school. I got a 498 and am currently thriving.

  6. can confirm that faculty don't give a fuck about the rules and actively make fun of them. they hire randos to enforce the attendance and dress code.

  7. elmira is known to be very laid back compared to the empire back at Erie or the more established campuses.

  8. what's the big deal? I accidentally say I'm in dental school all the time

  9. In your opinion what innervates the clit more the hypoglossal or the pudendal?

  10. this comment. omg. it took me a while but holy shit

  11. The only thing that effects the Singularity missions is whether or not you spared Ragalla. Even then

  12. I no longer feel bad about

  13. No, some dialogue may be a little different but that’s it and all side quests and activities including the ones related to the team can still be done after the final quest, so no Mass Effect like consequences.

  14. thank you! perfect answer

  15. it's true that other cultures and religions respond and react differently to a whole bunch of stuff. and as a hispanic person, a lot of the things on this list are probably true for most of us. but at the end of the day this is just a list of generalizations and stereotypes. the knowledge that people of different cultures and faiths may not have the same ideas as everyone else should be obvious and doesn't need to be in bullet format.

  16. for fuck sakes did someone from this sub actually tell somebody that???

  17. you should definitely talk to her doctor. or she should. or someone should. diuretics should make her pee more. if she isn't peeing, that's problematic. most diuretics can cause low potassium because of how they work. but again, talk to the doctor handling the case.

  18. every time they "taught us" to do this it was in a room that was loud af. could never hear the difference. but when I practiced on my wife in relative silence, the difference in tone with percussion once you've reached the lower edge of the liver is pretty stark. have you practiced somewhere quiet? I know it seems obvious but it's worth a shot

  19. the concepts of preload and afterload were initially really confusing to me because at first glance it would appear, just off appearance of the words, that they're opposites. but they aren't.

  20. without a doubt: abciximab

  21. Fractures are a contraindication btw so I doubt it

  22. forget patient non compliance, what about physician non compliance?

  23. I have a 1 1/3 semesters left until I don't have to worry about it until level 2. can't wait

  24. it's not easy. it's harder than undergrad by miles. but it's manageable and much less stress if you know you want to match IM and are fine with Bs. I don't give a fuck about As and I feel great about that decision.

  25. would I have to wait until next year? I don't really know any residents lol

  26. Depending on your specialty interest. It’ll be much easier as a 3rd year. If you find a resident applying to cardiology or GI, almost 100% chance they’re working on some case report

  27. sweet. my advisor did mention that it gets a lot easier in third year but she's a PhD so I wasn't sure i believed her. that's good to know.

  28. just move. you're never gonna get rid of them. that's my experience. put everything you can in the dryer until it's completely dessicated. throw out all your beds and anything soft that won't fit in the dryer before you go. good luck 😔

  29. We have 14 months of preclinicals, do core rotations for like a year, then get 3 months to take step 1 and 2.

  30. holy shit. that sounds amazing

  31. To add insult to injury you see that only 1% of people chose your answer…

  32. I picked an answer once that that 0.0% of people picked. one of my proudest moments.

  33. class of 2025 here. I'm horrified. it's also unknown what the pilot exams actually mean. will they count? who knows

  34. oh I'm sure it'll be implemented at some point. but i just don't want to take it 😂

  35. I just had this card in my last block. do it enough times and it's just burned into your brain.

  36. well seeing as how I once got a 498 on it, probably even worse

  37. Not sure how far along you are in med school but the further along you go the less tolerable House becomes. Dude does a million dollar work up on every patient for things most of us could diagnose with a good history lol

  38. can confirm. hurry up and finish it because it becomes absolutely unbearable the further along you go.

  39. the only time I've ever felt bad for an insurance company is when I was randomly diagnosed with hep C and had to go on mavyret for six months. the costs are absolutely insane. still don't even know how I got hep c with none of the risk factors.

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