Lost all on the market & I work real estate both dead starting the year with missing my mortgage payment. How do I tell my wife and kids

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  1. Can you use safari and watch it on the web rather than through the app? Just sign into the account in the website.

  2. Because he wants to get a quote, send it into insurance and keep as much money possible while using the cheapest tactic to get the spray paint covered.

  3. Or perhaps doesn’t have the money for a big deductible.

  4. I worked for Duracell for 9 years. We got to build a 9 volt during battery school (which was really fun BTW). There are six 1.5 volt AAA batteries strung together to make a 9v battery (1.5 x 6) = 9 volts.

  5. I have a silicone mat with a lip that we place under our dog's bowls. Catches all the extra mess.

  6. We used the same thing with our pugs and it worked great.

  7. Lmfao it’s ok. You could write a whole creepy pasta about someone being intimate with Ed. It’d be the scariest thing to ever hit the internet lolol.

  8. I love creepy pastas. Just the thought of that makes me want to hide under the bed.

  9. You can enter the make and model on YouTube and there will be videos on how to clean the clog yourself.

  10. Make an appointment at the apple Genius Bar and they will check it for free. You can go from there.

  11. And the old “threaten to escalate” to make you feel like shit and try and make you feel insecure about your job.

  12. Yeah and those taxes would be $0 because they don’t have a facility doing business there. They just don’t want to post the salary.

  13. Obviously you don’t understand tax law but okay

  14. One employee can establish nexus and make the company subject to extremely high burdens. Income apportionment comes to mind off the top of my mind. Additionally, they are all types of regulatory disclosures that the company is open up to.

  15. I’ll try that but the lady wanted to take it for a day to diagnose and I’m not sure how steep the fee is for that plus if it would need a logic board

  16. Ask if there will be a fee for the diagnosis.

  17. The first thing to do when you find yourself in a home is to stop digging.

  18. You have to figure out what it is that you really want from this role? Do you wish to stay there? There can be a variety of reasons (short commute, coworkers, pay).

  19. As of now, got and hp IP are considered tentpoles for the network to build around. They are hoping to be able to make money from the whole DCU, but recent actions have shown, that’s going to take years.

  20. Cancel a series then try to sell the streaming rights to the unfinished story. I'll never understand Hollywood.

  21. They took on $55 billion in debt when Discovery purchased WB. They knew there were issues, but they are far worse than first thought. DWB is going to license as much IP as possible to generate cash. They also want to protect the IP they have, that’s why Batwomen got thrown in the shredder and didn’t see the light of day.

  22. My addition here would be to take screenshots with your phone of the team conversations as they are ongoing, before they can be deleted.

  23. My family would have put a bounty on the first person to find Chris that night.

  24. No I can’t! Im talking with the founder and it’s a social impact startup with seemingly great ethics and above average salaries. I will for sure get in contact to clarify and voice my concern that this seems like a huge task to do for a 2nd stage. First stage was a screening interview with the founder, next one will be full blown interview.

  25. Well, we wish you luck. Your choosing to ignore the advice of many other people, that have been in the same position, have provided. Hopefully, it works out for you. Just realize there’s a strong possibility they will take the plan and you will not get the job.

  26. Because there has been so much crap and shitting on SW for such a longtime. Between BOBF and OWK series, must people were done. Disney and KK have gone out of their way to shit on SW and cannon. I watched Andor inspite of myself. I’m pleasantly surprised.

  27. I think this interview with George Lucas sums it up.

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