[Pelissero] The Broncos fired Nathaniel Hackett, per source.

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  1. Last night my farts were very stale smelling, like if a pocket of fart air got stuck somewhere in my body for 15 years and finally found the exit. Is this what happened?

  2. Pfft. Sure it is. Next you'll be telling me that Stilton, Cotswald, and Wensleydale are real places too. Yeah, right.

  3. Right next to Easy I'm sure.

  4. The fluke argument became completely defunct somewhere around the end of the 1st quarter today. It wasn't doing very well before then either...

  5. Yeah, today was the dominant win that cements your guys as the new big scary. Burrow and Chase not eating up a huge chunk of cap for another year or two is even worse.

  6. We are 0-3 against him but I love burrow so much, dude is just a dawg

  7. Oh I hate him. But it's the Vince Vaughn in anchorman "but goddammit do I respect him" kind.

  8. It would enrage the entire nfl fan base, and personally, I don’t want to earn a #1 seed like that.

  9. Yeah. This might be dumb on my part, but I would rather them cancel the playoffs than get the 1 seed in this manner.

  10. Bruh Skip is so tone deaf with reality. How tf are you going to care about football, when this dude is literally fighting for his life?

  11. Always thought it was an act. Maybe his brain really is that bad.

  12. Both of mine want the ball. One of them wants me to throw it, the other wants to taunt me and the first one by incessantly squeaking the ball, which causes the first one tremendous anxiety (in addition to the ball not being thrown). Sometimes that results in her barking at me until I yank the ball away from the keepaway jerk.

  13. Really evoked the Crosby Stills and Nash self title album cover to me.

  14. The constitution is just like the Bible to them. They make a big deal about worshipping it, and yeah a couple of the passages really get their dicks hard, but they pay no mind to most of it.

  15. Chimps at war with other Chimps and the brutality in which they murder. Territorial conflict between wolves.

  16. For next week at least. Fired coach boost and blowout recovery pride just adds to a division spoiler game happening.

  17. What the hell is up with that? “Gimme a shirt that says, I’m fat, but I’m okay with it, but I kinda also want large moobs.”

  18. Skinny white guy no friends club member here!

  19. Russell Wilson is the greatest Christmas present.

  20. Not to brag, but I’m pretty proud of my kill count in the war on hot dogs.

  21. I'm fighting a war on my kids calling hotdogs glizzies. How fucking old and out of touch am I?

  22. Do I call the police on them? Oh dear I can't even make eye contact with them anymore.

  23. I don't pay much attention to this guy, but it sounds like he's living his best life. I mean other than the rapes and/or kidnappings not really sure. Probably should be in jail. But other than that if being the biggest and baddest dipshit on earth is his happy place, congrats.

  24. You be the bright spot for the franchise and you get remembered for an eternity for making some of the bad years significantly less bad. You be Jamaal Charles and hope there's an Andy Reid on the horizon.

  25. Yeah Josh. Come to kc. Everyone deserves an Andy in their life. Get the real one.

  26. I missed my first Chiefs game in two years and had to watch the Vikings game with family instead. At least it was entertaining. I thought being a Chiefs fan was stressful this year.

  27. Christmas isn’t even a christian holiday originally. The proper term is Yule (In Sweden they still call it “Jul” to this day.) and it incorporates pagan traditions that survived the roman empire. As far as I’m aware Jesus wasn’t even supposed to have been born in winter, the estimation according to texts from the bible place the date at somewhere around September, though no one will know for sure of course.

  28. Winter solstice festivals exist in many cultures and the date of Dec 25th being Xmas predates Christian penetration into the Germanic world. It was competing with the various Mediterranean cultures and practices of the Roman empire then.

  29. Sky ref to quickly reverse egregious non calls. Probably won't happen because of the subjectivity of what is or isn't egregious.

  30. Am I confusing him with someone else, or does Jorp really love to use “sanctimonious” in his gobbledygook?

  31. It's also funny because I feel like you could finish off almost any quote of his with

  32. This sub should get her something nice for Xmas.

  33. Designer dufflebags are a really weird concept to me. It'd feel like a sin of some sort putting sweaty workout gear in them.

  34. It is absolutely shocking how many people in this thread think he gave them purses.

  35. But how am I supposed handle Russell Wilson news if it's not something I can make fun of?

  36. First round I'd say I'd rather play anyone other than the Chargers. They will get us one of these years. In the playoffs or actually staying healthy and winning the division over us, Herbert will get it done before Mahomes retires.

  37. Well let them review it then and decide. Guy ripped it away from a dude who was laying in the ball and who's hands were fighting him for the ball as he pulled it between his legs. It's a change of possession with a possible discrepancy between the call on the field and what happened. Maybe it would have been upheld, but it at least needs to be reviewed. I'll die on that hill

  38. "Maybe" it would have been upheld? Maybe I'm just a dufus Homer but I watched the replay a few times and saw nothing to indicate that the Texans player had any possession of the ball. His body was on top of it and the dog pile covered it up. Gay got the ball from the Texans player's legs.

  39. Chiefs would have 2-3 wins without Mahomes. He mask so many of our flaws and it's been that way every season he's started.

  40. Andy Reid is still the coach. Our worst year with him is 9-7. I'm not saying we'd get 9 without Pat this year, but 2 or 3?

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