1. People in the UK just love to queue for anything

  2. Some games lately I think I’ve taken more deaths from noob team killers than actual enemies lol. I can remember when I first started playing though and it can be a bit confusing who is on your team due to the minimal HUD elements, I remember feeling bad a few times after accidentally blasting my team in the back… but it’s this stripped back realism that makes it so good compared to other shooters imo.

  3. If you live in an apartment or terraced house, particularly an older build, you kind of just have to accept that sometimes you will hear your neighbours living their life. Not everyone lives on a standard 9-5 schedule and goes to bed by 11pm and that’s fine.

  4. I’ve still never seen a slow worm! Even though they are rarer now always hope I will see one someday. Seen foxes and badgers, badgers are big chonky boys

  5. Not sure on this actual piece but a good starting point would be some of the older Christian Dior and Versace blouses , sorry about the price :)

  6. I know about FTX but what are peoples thoughts on if the BTC recovered by the Fed from that hacker has anything to do with this dump… it seems sus that they just announced they recovered it yesterday even though the raid happened last year. Just coincidental timing?

  7. Maybe this is a stupid question but why does it always seem they never hear/see the drones ? Judging by when it drops the grenade it’s not like it’s 1000s ft in the air. Would it not be audible when it flies right above you ?

  8. A good one to watch when high is ‘the curiosity show’ YouTube channel. It was big in Australia in the 70s and the whole retro look and feel adds to the stoned enjoyment imo

  9. Hi everyone, I’m new to external flashes. Kind of confused that I can’t find the information I need via google, maybe it’s just because it’s such common knowledge for photographers … 1) does every camera brand have a specific shoe mount that only works with certain flash guns ? 2) What adapter would I need to fit this Polaroid ring flash on my XT20 shoe mount ?

  10. Several overwatch characters share striking similarities with paladins characters, too much to be a coincidence. Hard to say who copied who with some of them but I think both devs are guilty to a degree.

  11. Only speculating here but could be fluid related, maybe low oil/bad pump or issue with fuel system. If you only jacked the front of the car up the fluids will move around inside relative to gravity. Could be making it easier for oil/fuel to get where it needs to be on startup ?

  12. I agree with what others have said that you need to be using the right ps fluid for your vehicle, but if the whining started immediately after you changed the fluid could be trapped air in the system. Try loosening your ps reservoir cap before turning your steering wheel full lock left and right a few times to help push the air out the system. Its recommended to jack the front of your car up to relieve pressure on the wheels and pump before doing this though

  13. Did u end up finding it? Such a nice tracksuit lol

  14. Unfortunately no, I’m keeping my eye out for what I’m guessing is the logo on the zipper. If I ever find out I’ll let you know lol :)

  15. I miss 1.6 and find myself often sub consciously trying things still from that game. Like walling things I probably shouldn't bother with or old school spray patterns.

  16. I have just been reading about the issues in Sri Lanka at the minute, the article was mentioning that Sri Lanka is struggling to pay for fuel because it doesn't have enough foreign currency.

  17. Gadaffi tried to create a new independent African currency to reduce dependence on the dollar and we all saw how the USA reacted in fear of losing its economic dominance…There is definitely a place for bitcoin to become a world currency but the question is what will change for the world powers to allow it ?

  18. I just checked and no it’s not him :(

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