1. Just needs a good wash and detail

  2. For just the box? That’s still pricey

  3. I would buy it. It’s good 👍🏻

  4. Having lived in multiple states over the past few years My problem with local distilleries are the price points. I can get a bottle of Russell’s reserve 10 year for the same price. I’d love to support local business, but for the most part they haven’t been very good sippers, and most are only a few years old. Or they are just sourced MGP or the like. These should be selling for 19.99 at best.

  5. That’s why when you visit local distilleries they really excel at their cocktails—The whiskey isn’t quite ready for sipping yet.

  6. 45 bucks for a 1 year aged bourbon sounds steep

  7. My partner watches porn with women that are my exact profile and I think he is such a little weirdo. It’s supposed to be fantasy dickhead! She’s supposed to be everything I’m not! Maybe a red head… bbw…. massive stripper tiddies… whatever you know?

  8. That’s awesome! Tell your pops the folks from

  9. Whiskey chase is an odd thing, yes. but also satisfying

  10. Un freaking real. I truly don’t understand the mentality behind this. Unless the bar owner did something totally stupid and purchased on the secondary market. Even though stuff like this doesn’t affect me too much, it annoys the hell out of of me.

  11. I’m not justifying the pricing or the restaurant in any way but the reason they do that is because they know people will pay it (and they do)

  12. Although this is a good bottle, rare breed wins for sure for my taste

  13. It says on the front aged 18 years

  14. Haha I doubt OP will reveal the honey hole

  15. The old chicken or the egg debate… Do we blame the store charging what they believe is a fair market price, or the people who wet themselves at the opportunity to pay that much, then go tout their “kung-fu” and successful “hunting” on social media lol.

  16. “ Today’s Haul, How’d I do?” Lol

  17. I bet it’s the Four Roses Small Batch Limited Edition—Barrel Strength

  18. At least put butter 🧈 in that water ffs

  19. I was still drinking Jack and coke on a regular basis at 23

  20. Wow, came here to say those exact two.

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