1. My boss told me you only care about the money, and I was like so do you. That’s why we’re here now, i want more money for me and you don’t want to pay me better because you want the money for you.

  2. Site is undergoing maintenance this week from what many other posts are saying.

  3. Two degrees as a civilian, pre-army days. Making really good money, in charge of employees as a PM for a well-known professional services company. 9/11 happens, decided to join the Army.

  4. Have you ever considered manufacturing management? Military leadership mixed with a technical MOS can open that door. It did for me.

  5. You can claim sciatica as a secondary condition to the low back/ddd. Pretty simple nexus.

  6. If you enlist as an aircraft maintainer, expect to work about 60 hours a week. It’s a fucking grind. The air wing is different from ground side. Airplane and pilot readiness is ALL that matters. There is less/no unit PT and you do far less ‘marine stuff’. I don’t think I ever did a uniform or wall locker inspection when I was in the air wing fleet. But I worked like a fucking slave.

  7. This. For sure. 6531 here (F18 Ordnanceman).

  8. I plan on going first thing in the morning if I can make it that long. Just trying to get a little rest before another potentially long and frustrating day. Thank you both for your input and listening to me.

  9. You need an MRCP. It's an advanced scan to check the function of your biliary tract. Interesting that your gallbladder has been removed already, but that doesn't mean your liver is having trouble handling the bile secretion task it's now owning.

  10. Not exactly. What I mean matching data from two columns, with the second one in random order. For example, column 1 is a list of registered phone numbers, then column 2 is a list of random phone numbers. Then when there's a match between the two columns, the third column will tell you if it matches (with it being on the same row as the data from the first column).

  11. you could use an Index match inside of an if statement. Search for the column 1 value in column 2, and return "match" if a value is found. Or you could just return the matched value.

  12. well the question should be „why is no one saving money?“. Is it because they know it’s better to invest everything or is it because they live from paycheck to paycheck every month and don’t have anything left at the end.

  13. Always the risk of being shady is getting out-shadyed.

  14. 3rd Rock from the Sun. That's the only answer, right?

  15. Are you keeping her nose as clear as possible during the day? Use a Nose Frida or one of the newer devices that actually have a vacuum pump. This is the key to ending the post nasal drip coughing. Suck her nose as clean as possible right before bed.

  16. Honestly I’m not- I’m super pregnant (37 weeks) and have just been using spray. We have an electric one but it’s missing a part just oedered w new one. Thank you!

  17. Forgot about the saline spray as mentioned in the other reply. That is key to breaking up that deeper/heavier stuff and allowing the nose frida to do its thing!

  18. Therapy therapy therapy therapy therapy therapy. Talk to someone. Talk to someone who's a professional. It will help. It won't solve the issues but it will certainly start to help you develop tools, techniques, and a general mindset to start helping get all those mental health issues in check. And perhaps someone can prescribe some medication if that's deemed worth a try.

  19. All the VA therapists for me were trash. It felt like it was one size fits all therapy, and that didn’t work for me. I found a non for profit that fit the therapist to me and it was great. If anyone lives in the DFW area, I highly recommend One Tribe foundation. Great organization.

  20. Congrats on finding what you needed! I guess in the end that's all that really matters!

  21. the difference is at the end of one of them you become a Marine

  22. The wholesomeness of this comment is probably underappreciated. Bravo.

  23. What do you need from us? What can we do to help?

  24. Essentially the same for those of us who spent most of our time on the flight line.

  25. Yup. This was me. Marine corps F18 ordnance, carrier-based squadron. "exam" was a few questions about head injuries and exposure, a verification of my MOS, and that was that. 10% rated. Done.

  26. Funny, the VA has no problem giving out opioids like they are candy. How many lives has that shit ruined..

  27. No fucking shit. This right here. Fucking stupid.

  28. Going to toss this here... Check out The Untethered Soul by Michael Singer. Great read, especially for those of us struggling mentally with our thoughts and subsequent emotions. Was recommend by a friend and now my VA therapist and I use it as a little cornerstone for the shit I'm working on.

  29. Thanks friend, I'll look into it. I've often thought about how best to address my mental reactions to things, but it's helpful to have a resource on it.

  30. I've found therapy, specifically Acceptance Based Therapy, to be very helpful as well when it comes to controlling my thoughts, which lead to emotions, which can/will lead to behaviors. Our fucking minds are OFP 100% of the time. We have to learn how to overcome that mother fucker and tell him to shut the fuck up sometimes.

  31. I think it's important for veterans to read and hear stories like this. I personally have had incredible experiences at the VA, and other times not so much. I think the most important thing for veterans to remember is that whether it's the VA or private medical through your employer, you still have to be your own biggest advocate. Now obviously that can be significantly difficult for some, especially from a depressed state. And that's where I think friends, family, and definitely this sub can come in handy.

  32. This. I was an aviation mechanic and did not continue to be one after I got out. Everybody I know that is still doing it, are working as contractors. They’re also only staying there as long as it takes to get their degree and change jobs. I don’t know anybody I served with that is trying to continue as a mechanic for the rest of their life.

  33. The one point I'll add to this is my time in aircraft maintenance (F18 Ordnance) served as a great base to grow a technical mind. I did get out and work as a contractor for 7 years which allowed me to finish my degree (in business) and get some lean/six sigma training from the marine corps. Ended up moving into manufacturing and now have been doing that for 9 years and have moved quickly up the ladder due to a strong technical background and the marine corps accountability, drive, and overall mindset. I started out as a line supervisor, moved up to a middle manufacturing manager, and now work as an Operations Manager overseeing a 24x5 manufacturing operation with 100 indirect reports (machine operators) and a handful of direct reports that work as the line supervisors, area managers, planners, technicians, etc. Small unit leadership in stressful environments (flight deck of an aircraft carrier) is also something I project on my resume from my time in service.

  34. Those parking spots will be 4 feet high pretty quick.

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