1. Carmex is really good for relieving the burning dryness

  2. SADers Unite! Seeing the sun set at 5 pm gives me such a weird sense of dread

  3. Aside from how great the performance is vanity is so beautiful

  4. Yeeeeep. Cutting out the negative self talk has been a huge part of my mental health journey but it creeps back in.

  5. That he sold his own oil paintings on the street for thousands but nobly quit so he could take down the globalists

  6. I need to get through my setting powders (Coty, wet n wild, glossier wowder) and foundations (urban decay hydromaniac, missha perfect cover, L'Oreal serum). I love trying new base products but can't finish them fast enough 😞

  7. Maybe do a one in two out for all base products? For example, a foundation empty and a powder empty before you buy another foundation.

  8. Crackers, baby carrots with hummus, canned soup/chili, frozen dinners from Trader Joes (their Tikka masala is great)

  9. Extra large mittens! And more claws to get stuck in the blankets

  10. What a darling girl. I love her little socks

  11. I can see what a sweet girl she was just from a still photo ❤️ sending hugs

  12. Beautiful! You made the most of that gorgeous fabric

  13. He's such an inspiration. Can't wait to see what he makes

  14. Brush the sides of the pot with water to prevent crystals if you use water!

  15. She used a toblerone as a paperweight. Her mind.

  16. If only they knew how many gays hate/don't care about kids

  17. Fierce women lying in ponds distributing disco balls is my preferred system of government

  18. I adore Philomena. She gives deadpan like no other

  19. It's beautiful! Evokes a cloudy day at sea

  20. Yep. A bunch of people were already called out and I had a terrible night of insomnia. My coworker sounded like she was holding back anger when she answered my call. Felt awful, but it wasn't safe for me to drive. We have to look out for ourselves before our employers.

  21. Any suggestions on what I should put as the description on my Venmo post?

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