1. I have the same thing (magazine not personal blog). Under settings under name I entered the magazine name not my personal name. I also include a header with my magazine logo. Personal not listed anywhere on publication.

  2. Congratulations! I'm not quite up to where you are yet (just hit 78 today after a week of inviting friends and family to take a look).

  3. Easy to judge the homeowner. But if a black guy comes to your door at 10pm, it's dark, and you don't know him (certainly don't know he's the sweet boy as portrayed after the fact in the news), and you live alone, I wonder how those commenting here would respond in the moment? Not justifying the shooting. Just asking people to consider how this felt from the homeowner's perspective in the moment.

  4. Keep scrolling, there's a LOT of both shows on here :-)

  5. Siesta Key? I've visited that one a couple of times and LOVED it!

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