1. This is really cool, and something I'd consider bringing into an existing project... if only it had CMake support. :(

  2. Why do you need CMake? PocketPy has only 1 header file pocketpy.h, which can be

  3. Good point. I think I overlooked where it was header-only!

  4. Even if this was the case, I don't see how an ad blocker would accidentally flag a Facebook post.

  5. Even if this was the case, they overestimate how much I care about my friends posts.

  6. If that reminds of your own anatomy then you should probably see a doctor.

  7. Remote areas of just about any US state exist. Montana, Wyoming, Idaho all have cheap areas, near small towns that will have everything you need. Since you have a dog I would recommend you stay in the country since traveling internationally with a dog is not always possible, and expensive when it is possible.

  8. Remote areas in those states don't have consistent cell or internet access. So if you need to do Zoom or calls those areas can be pretty hit or miss. I live in the region.

  9. There are plenty of "remote areas" with highspeed Internet.

  10. I was definitely sore and had discomfort, but like with most things in life, you adjust. After a while I had no pain but could move my arm in a certain way and feel that there was something there. It didn't hurt, just felt weird.

  11. Been a fan for 40+ years, and the yellow W is my favorite logo. If it was up to me, we'd have stuck with the name "Washington Football Team".

  12. the name "Washington Football Team". has a certain swag to it, now don't it.

  13. Yup. What are you a fan of? Some stupid dolphins, bears or jaguars? No, I'm a fan of the mother f'in FOOTBALL TEAM.

  14. Now he can finally concentrate on getting married and starting a family.

  15. He is a rich and famous 46 year old. He'll have a 25 year old wife in no time.

  16. Convinced he wanted to retire last yr but gave it one last ride out of pettiness of Schefter breaking the news and not retiring on his own terms.

  17. wat, CLion in my macbook flies, it is on par with VSCode

  18. What's the size of your project? When I use it on smaller projects it's fine. Larger projects it chokes.

  19. I use it on fairly large projects, most recently Blender, and it was pretty snappy once the indexing is done with.

  20. 🤷 It hates my large project, on multiple Macs I've experienced this.

  21. Put down a cat of 17 years a couple years ago. I was crying like a baby, petting her, singing her her favorite song, playing with her pads like she hated but knew I loved. I still miss her. I told her maybe one day I’ll see her again, somehow.

  22. I really hope Connor and Willa play a bigger role this season. He’s been forgotten, ignored and neglected by his half siblings and the writers. He needs a win.

  23. Beautiful future first lady, and the eldest son is looking quite dapper.

  24. If you're staying on the big island then yes. There's so many beautiful nooks and crannies.

  25. how is alan ruck 66 years old man like wtf

  26. Three days is right on that cusp of hotel vs Airbnb. I had an Airbnb in the middle of downtown on R. Hintze Ribeiro, and it couldn't have been better located.

  27. What does our graph look like? I don't think we can really talk shit unless ours is considerably better, which I would guess it not the case.

  28. This. I do a lot of traveling, and if I'm packing for a week it's one pair of jeans, 3 or 4 shirts, 10 pairs of socks, 10 pairs of underwear.

  29. I would stay at Center Hotels Laugavegur. It's near everything

  30. YTA - If he ordered a pizza and didn't eat your meal, then I'd be on your side, but dictating something as petty as hot sauce is ridiculous.

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