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Robindahood + Silvergate Bank + Sequoia Capital + Gemini + Kraken + Coinbase + BlockFi + FTX + SBF + Ryne Miller. Wut do all these have in common? Every one of them clients of Sullivan & Cromwell, the law firm that can’t be sued by the SEC. This fraud was planned & APE’s are going to expose it all🔥

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  1. Looks like another fuck face law maker trying to fuck up crypto for the plebs while ignoring the criminal centralized stock market manipulated by his buddies to steal from the plebs.

  2. I call for ban of manipulated fake stock BRK

  3. it might make sense in that case to suspend trading of wrapped tokens until that question is answered. but I'm guessing they NEED those things to stall this time bomb while the figure out how to shift the blame.

  4. Wrapped tokens is different. We are talking about tokenized stocks in FTX.


  6. Pretty insane. Either fake news or RC is playing some game with SHFs.

  7. Nope. BBBY has no future. Why would GS acquire a toxic asset?

  8. Yep ☝️ we might finally learn a lot of truths here from the news today about Citadel and Point72 being investigated by the SEC.

  9. Nothing will come out of this. Citadel and RH are on record to communicate and negotiate before shutting down the buy button in ‘21 and they lied under oath and nothing happened in 2 years.

  10. IMO GameStop didn't know about the shadiness of FTX. Simply put FTX tricked the world until they couldn't, their logo was on the front of the Mercedes F1 car, Tom Brady and Steph Curry among other celebs endorsed them, they plastered their name all over legitimate things including sponsoring art galleries and all sorts of other events.

  11. Me think FTX tried to be a trojan and drag GameStop into the mud if they could get deep into partnership.

  12. Oh absolutely, I think it was a a too big to fail kinda thing. When I think about it nobody knew about Enron being a fraud until they collapsed. Nobody knew Bernie Madoff was a scammer until he got caught, and how many of us knew what Adani company was before the Hindenburg report came out this week/last? The CEO of Adani passed Bezos to be the second richest person in the world in 2022 and not a single stink was raised by anyone of importance. We only really know that people and organizations are frauds once they are exposed to the world. FTX was probably doing Ken Griffin's favorite move, one more day, one more scam.

  13. Hindenburg is a short seller under DoJ probe for market manipulation along with Melvin capital and others

  14. The fact that this sub with 80% bots have DRSed ~30% of the float till Oct end proves your are spreading FUD

  15. GameStop is transforming into e-commerce and I already saw ads online in youtube, google etc.

  16. Won Joon: They're only calling it a glitch because nobody understands how the algo works. And if nobody can understand the math, then nobody has to explain the money.

  17. This is the reason the elites don’t want the plebs to learn math in schools and pushing for BS topics

  18. That report was by Hindenburg SHORT SELLER who is under DoJ probe in usa for short selling and market manipulation along with Melvin Capital and others

  19. Absolutely. Criminal HFs, banks and wallstreet institutions always collude and trade in team.

  20. Like the new Gmerica stock exchange ran on LRC L2 network with totally verifiable self custody of stock?

  21. Not sure why that would make any one sell

  22. Seems the passport is basically a self custodial wallet + some bells and whistles. I am assuming it will be able to connect to any L2 IMX market place like GameStop NFT.

  23. this isn’t “the judiciary,” though. it’s a private BigLaw firm.

  24. Wdym? Last pic mentions a judge who didn’t see the obvious conflict of interest of the lawyer

  25. Definitely fuck the military industrial complex stealing tax payers money for decades

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