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  1. When you have 52 condom sizes -- who decides what is XL vs XXL vs XXXL vs XXXL?

  2. You clearly don’t get what this commentor is asking for lol. He will probably order S, but he wants the package to say XXL.

  3. If you haven’t already read the DD “castle of glass NG+ “ it has always been my favorite DD, I highly recommend it. All of the predictions so far have come to pass, adding credence to the remainder. This DD discusses the GME entertainment carve out. I hold for many reasons, many catalysts, many memes…but I especially hold for GME entertainment llc.

  4. Man. How crazy would it be to - at some point in the future - hear RC say that this DD not only predicted the direction he was going but also INSPIRED him on some of the moves that were to come. I really want to hear it.

  5. Guys, from when is this scene? There’s a literal monkey throwing around dollar bills lol.

  6. Where exactly do you see the „increasingly efficient“ part on the chart?

  7. Yea lol I read that text in a poetry slam kinda dramatic way hitting its full crescendo in the full caps battlecry! Hell yeah buddy.

  8. Wegen den Giftcards, die sie ne Woche lang in den Stores hatten, oder warum ist GameStop Kreditor?

  9. From Germany from Consorsbank (no selling able), was restricted, as they are not in my account, I need to transfer… this seems being manipulated.

  10. Your sell button is taken away?? Did you transfer them?

  11. When you are denied something that you obviously should be benefiting from, your job is to shout it loud and clear. You not benefiting from something you should have is the key to forcing them to pay up.

  12. Then you are a living proof of stock market fraud. We’ll see where this takes us :)

  13. You could if you want but there is no need to take that risk imo. If brokers decide to pull a fast one the whole sub will be talking about it so you'll know..

  14. Cascade of bankruptcies and forced liquidations, closing every short would be the logical outcome of MOASS. They legally have to deliver your share and close their naked short. That’s the dream scenario though. We all know those crooks are gonna try to bend the rules and kick the can for a millionth time. Whatever happens, it’s gonna be one big shitshow of hot potatoe.

  15. They've been trying to make us look like a tin-foil wearing cult since the sneeze. They did a decent job too, after 2 years we still haven't made it to 200k people with purple circles, even though we've been consistently correct with our predictions, with no legitimate counterarguments left standing.

  16. This. This will go down as one of those "oh well they have been right all along conspiracy theories" thats gonna proof to be absolutely correct. Once the shorts get out of control by some catalystic event, the whole world is gonna see the result of pure wall street greed and overleveraged criminal bets. They can try to controle the narrative while trying to not get arrested as soon as they walk out of their office by then.

  17. Sorry to ask, but where exactly do you see buck in the right picture? The MVB for most valuable bunny?

  18. I don't think the NFT dividend should be a game, but if the nft dividend is a gmerica share, you should be able to vote from the net

  19. If they do a NFT dividend they will make it what is the best foolproof and legal way to do it. They have 10x more insights than we do, so I will trust RC and his team to do it right :)

  20. Everyone make sure to give Houston Wade, the guy explaining the sneeze in the video, a follow on YouTube. He is brilliant and does very interesting, podcast-like livestreams, talking about gme, markets, science, nerd stuff etc.

  21. Wow great another ignorable game :( downvote but I'm just honest

  22. Sorry you get the scope wrong. The game itself is an absolute whatever of course. It’s the fact that gs showed a future use case of their marketplace. Selling games, directly on the blockchain. This „ignorable“ little game is the beginning of something very unignorable.

  23. Richtig gut! Aber Leute: Ich würde davon abraten jedem Abgeordneten diesen Brief hundertfach mit Copy Paste ins Postfach zu jagen. Nehmt es als Vorlage und formuliert wenn möglich ein paar eigene Zeilen. Es muss ja nicht jede Mail so super ausführlich sein wie das hier. Am Ende bringt das glaube ich deutlich mehr als dieselbe Mail in x-facher Ausführung.

  24. Some info on where this works would be nice. Does it work in the us? In Europe? Germany?

  25. Same for Wes Christian. They were announced to be part of it and just never appeared, no word from the guys in the call. Smells fishy. Maybe they realized they are being played.

  26. So whats up with this big PG push? How does it relate specifically to GME?

  27. They are partnered with Loopring and Cybercrew, which are partnered with GameStop. Wouldn’t wonder if we see a direct partnership/acquisition soon.

  28. So its another project, but no direct relationship to GME (yet), and people are spamming it across the sub…. Ok.

  29. Actually at this point, as long as there are no commas in the price, red days excite me more than green days. Honestly. I want that sweet dip.

  30. Bullshit CEOs file lawsuit against naked short selling Proceed to present terrible case on purpose Judge rules in HFs favour. Precedent is now set to avoid legal challenges in the future?

  31. Sounds like a plan those crooks could come up with, yeah

  32. Yep very sus. My guess is they set this all up to somehow show that the naked short narrative is a „nothing burger“ in the end. Then again most of those companies already ran 300%+ after the news. They are up to something for sure tho.

  33. Wow, this is the first time I’ve seen more sells than buys for GME in one of those screenshots 🤔

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