Arizona Man Brutalized During Arrest After Firing At Officers

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Bully stabs asian refugee student

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  1. I got dysautonomia from a concussion in 2015. Then I got long covid which made everything worse. Best advice I could give is exercise if you can. Don't completely cocoon yourself from stimulation. Just keep exposing yourself as best you can. Consider medication (I'm on Lexapro and it helps) but avoid benzos. You should def be under the care of a doctor that's knowledgeable about this stuff.

  2. Publix , I don't get it. It's just an over priced grocery store. I've had way better subs at little mom and pop stores too.

  3. Compared to other grocery chains, the employees are top tier, at least my store. A lot of them have been working there for years. The bogos are pretty good.

  4. who goes to the grocery store for customer service lol? put your food in the cart and check out. They don't want to actually hang out with you, bro.

  5. “Right wing death squad” isn’t that just adorable! Somebody’s playing pew pew wif his wittle fwiends.

  6. For those who don’t know, the helicopter represents how the military under the fascist Augusto Pinochet used to take leftists and political opponents for “death flights” tossing them out of helicopters. It’s a bit of a dog whistle to white nationalists/anti-communists.

  7. They’re not anti-communist; they have no idea what communism it. They’re not anti-authoritarian or anti-oppression in any way shape or form either. They’re only angry because they can’t impose their beliefs on society and be the authoritarian oppressors.

  8. I don’t know what you mean “they’re not anti-communist”. Whether they understand it or not, part of their ideology is putting communists in mass graves.

  9. Retail stores throw out 16 billion pounds of food a year in the US. I’ll publicly say it again to make sure you heard correctly: food scarcity is a capitalist myth.

  10. And an added PSA, make sure it's fitted correctly. I fell with a helmet on but it wasn't tight enough so I still gave myself a concussion.

  11. Helmets don’t really protect against concussion, your brain still slams against your skull and stretches. But they do help prevent your skull from cracking and larger impacts majorly injuring your brain.

  12. Depressingly far down to see this sentiment. Right wing hypocrisy aside, it's a shitty sexist comment no matter to whom it's directed.

  13. And degrading to sex workers, who actually work for a living.

  14. Amlodipine 5mg has lowered my bp very slightly with no side effects. Not enough though.

  15. God I miss the feeling of having a good workout

  16. People are going homeless and food is becoming more unattainable but you really owned those gays bro congrats

  17. I am 3 months out (from onset of LC) and it is pretty bad for me. I am mostly bed bound, only go to doctor appointments with assistance from husband. Symptoms: orthostatic hypotension, mild tachycardia (heart jumps to 90 bpm when standing), lightheadedness, weakness, dizziness and fatigue. I have really low blood pressure which I think is the main source of my problems.

  18. Have they tried anything to help your low BP?

  19. TBH With adrenaline pumping arresting the man that just tried to kill you… I’m not sure I could restrain myself either.

  20. Cool don’t be a cop then. Also he fired in the air not at them

  21. People keep saying "fired in the air" (which by the way, is still firing a weapon and unless you're actually watching the guy shooting, you're not gonna be able to tell), but the report says that their cruiser was shot. Soo...

  22. A report filled out by officers who curb stomped a surendered suspect. Why should they have any credibility?

  23. 5-htp does nothing for me I’m not surprised nothing happened. I actually did a mild dose of mdma while on lexapro (not advisable) and it was actually rather enjoyable

  24. I’m just here for her, thanks man! It’s just so much harder for people with brain fog and fatigue to do all the research and trying to live at the same time so I’m doing my best to support her.

  25. I experienced the numb sensation last crash I had on top of being extremely weak. It was horrific. I couldn’t feel my skin. I feel for you both.

  26. Someone posted a news story about it already so I don’t know what you’re talking about. Or do you want big political media companies like msnbc or Fox News to cover it as if this warrants them doing that. Quit trying to make controversy out of this.

  27. I was responding to the other person’s comment that the news won’t cover this when they did. So that was a lie. The news link is the highest upvoted comment.

  28. Haha I just really liked the Trip x loaded. I think ive found a solution though thanks to everyone for your kind words!

  29. Great opportunity to cut the useless appendage and attatch a Gbomb

  30. You can get em on Amazon for like $30. It’s easy to hook up too

  31. There’s no moderation. People proudly put the hard R in their names now. People have reported it and get a reply saying things like “N****RH8R does not violate twitter rules”. It’s wild.

  32. Whatever happened to Subsonic? Lovely pic btw

  33. Y’all making a career outta Ron Johns huh 😂 in what world do you think a surf shop, would be ok with a Union….

  34. It’s not about having a career, it’s about having protection from the abuse and exploitation of your employer. People should be paid livable wages and work in acceptable conditions no matter what their labor is or how long they choose to do it whether it’s at a surf shop, coffee shop, slop shop, it doesn’t matter.

  35. Osmosis Jones. He plays Kidney Rock. The movie is rated PG lol.

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