1. Vault 81 doesn't trade for food or water. You get told that on the vault tour when you get inside.

  2. I thought they open trade with caravans from Bunker Hill for things they need...

  3. I would argue that ED-E is sentient.

  4. I'd like to see a mod that extends "Create", but with water power. Maybe start with a better water wheel, and end up with hydraulic pistons, high pressure pumps, and a whole hydraulic based logic and control system (like redstone, but with pipes carrying pressurized liquid). That's a lot, but it would be fun to play with.

  5. What would seperate a hydraulic piston from a regular piston? I assume the pump would just be faster? What would hydraulics logic circuits provide over regular redstone, other than presumably the ability to run it up walls and without interference?

  6. The hydraulic logic circuits could carry both a control signal and power for whatever you are controlling. Maybe make it so you can have separated lines running in the same block? So, like up to nine pipes running through one block of space, differentiated by different colors of pipe.

  7. Go read the terminal entries on all the terminals in the Robco Sales and Service Center's basement in Fallout 4's Automatron DLC. That'll answer your questions.

  8. both calcium and lithium hydroxide can be used to absorb CO2. When the hydroxides become saturated, you just have to heat them up really hot to drive off the CO2 (which can be turned back to carbon and O2 by the plants in the vault's hydroponics).

  9. He was sent to fort hagen for two reasons:

  10. Gregtech: The grindiest grindy grind that ever ground the ground.

  11. Cambridge Polymer Labs has a similar machine for making power armor chest pieces. It only has enough raw material for one, though

  12. A perfect example of someone doing just this is the guy in the underpass just outside of Hangman's Alley in FO4. He's only got a little bit of junk to sell, and can't afford a stall in Diamond City.

  13. I mean given how hard daily life is for humans doesn't make much sense to spend resources on a cat.

  14. Cats keep down vermin. Part of the reason why the middle east didn't suffer as bad with the black death is that Islam has a tradition of keeping cats and Europe saw cats as witch paraphernalia.

  15. I'm honestly surprised House didn't think to have the securitrons be able to become and ad-hoc wireless network. So - as long as he has a line of securitrons back to the Lucky 38, they would have unlimited range. But from their level of computing tech in fallout, I guess any kind of wireless network is already pretty high-tech. For that matter, why not take over the transmitter and antenna arrays at Black Mountain? Have the courier install some hardware that would give House enough range to cover the entire mojave?

  16. For a good example of what happened to those people, read Randall Clark's journal entries in the Honest Hearts NV DLC.

  17. The NCRs problem goes beyond taxes, beyond being "stretched too thin" and goes right to the heart of the nation: Corruption. The NCR didn't learn the lesson taught by the Great War. The government of the NCR is owned by oligarchs, for example Heck Gunderson. One generation from "now" the NCR will be in the hands of people just like Ted Gunderson - and it'll go to hell. The point is - this is the last war the NCR has the ability to win. The next one will be a loss.

  18. Robert Edwin House is based on the real life person Howard Hughes. Hughes was a notorious germophobe, suffered from OCD, chronic pain from a near-fatal plane crash and had a severe codeine addiction. A genius to be sure, but also a kook - he kept his urine in bottles and had the movie "Ice Station Zebra" playing on a loop in his home.

  19. Hell, the average person IRL doesn't know much about their history. So - to answer Ulysses' question "Who are you that does not know your history?" A typical person, that's who.

  20. unconventional idea: Early on, go far enough into Lonesome Road to get to and unlock the first vending machine. It isn't guarded by powerful mobs and will allow you a dumping ground to sell most every spare bit of equipment and junk you get. It also sells some pretty powerful gear. If you don't mind all the leg-work, you can get a few thousand caps very early and spend most of the game walking around in Riot Gear (one of the better pieces of non-faction armor).

  21. I added Solar Generation to Direwolf20's newest modpack. You'll have to add the extra resource mod mentioned on Solar Generation's curseforge page - nothing adds platinum in Direwolf20's newest modpack.

  22. There's Solar Flux Reborn, I think. But there are tons of tech mods with solar generation as an option. Mekanism, Powah, Engineer's Decor, etc.

  23. Solar Generation is the name of the mod.

  24. House loved everything about Las Vegas. Everything. He was aware of the town's history. He was aware of it's origin as a gambling mecca. Mobsters for him are sort of like the Founding Fathers to today's "patriot" community in the USA. Legendary, larger than life figures to be mythologized about.

  25. That was basically my thoughts at the end of my first playthrough (10 int, 100 science "action scientist" Courier). Basically, the Courier gets taken on a tour of all the parts needed to fix the Mojave's woes. Helios One and Hoover Dam to generate power. Dead Money's vending machines and security holograms. Big Mountain's whole slew of high tech goodies - push button, get cyberdog! And then a machine in The Divide that can scan and replicate a robot from miles away. Ulysses and his medical eyebot.

  26. It can and has been programmed to produce new materials. Elijah gave it the ability to produce modifications for his holorifle, as an example.

  27. Had time not been a factor, there was a whole questline that was cut that would have made that whole series of events much more complex.

  28. There were evidently two different serial killers active in Boston just before the war. You can learn about one by going into a manhole cover just a little south east of Kenmore square. The other, you can learn about from terminal entries in terminal entries in law enforcement stations you'll visit while doing Nick Valentine's personal quest.

  29. Publicly: Yay! Go 'Murica! wave flag vigorously

  30. Codsworth will say in combat "I don't feel pain!" Nick Valentine will grunt in combat

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