1. So, being someone who works in the business, in this field specifically. These carts are cut with regular distillate to be able to fill them. The rosin and resins are too thick to go into these cartridges by themselves. They are “cut” with distillate to make it thin enough. Most of this isn’t even disclosed on the label.

  2. Verano uses one of these machines daily. The mold and contamination is technically “dead”. However, it is not magically removed. I’ve seen first hand what comes out of these machines and I refuse to smoke it!

  3. I work for one of the companies that says zero pesticides. Not true. We use some nasty stuff. I don’t smoke our brand I know that.

  4. You need to contact the place where it was purchased. It was obviously stored improperly there. Verano has nothing to do with the storage.

  5. Contaminants in the water supply. Faulty pumps. Bad soil. Name it.

  6. The state makes them put delta-9 on the label for compliance issues. Still just a distillate pen. Smoke on!

  7. One of my personal favorites! Love this strain! How did you like it?

  8. Great choice! Grabbed a 5.66 today myself! Absolutely one of my favs!

  9. Best flower in the program hands down also certified kind! did yours smell like real blueberries too

  10. Can vouch for the Verano. My personal favorite! Will be buying the strawnana on payday. Let me know what you thought.

  11. Thanks man! Have to get me some after seeing these pics

  12. The batch in the pics 22%. If that helps at all. Hits like a 30%

  13. It is Woodward. Every jar I bought was more purple than the next.

  14. I got some of this haven't opened it yet. Does it seem like it would help with sleep

  15. Where did it leak out from? How much did you lose of the cart?

  16. Good to see I’m not the only blessed one! Bought two of these so far and both looked like this! Keep up the good work Ancient Roots!

  17. No but lmk how they are if you try them never seen em but would snatch a garlic cookies luster in a heartbeat

  18. It sounds like a good time to stop buying from them and going back to the “old ways” for a while! Seen some local stuff that’s as good if not better than the dispensary stuff!

  19. What strain is this? I was weighing my options and seen the have a half of forbidden zkittlez "shake" and was wondering if this was it! Thanks!

  20. Found the original package and it was forbidden zkittles.

  21. Overall, how was the experience with this strain? Seeing as it's been over 2 weeks since you posted

  22. Big fan of Ancient Roots! Love their products! I like the fact that they are a small batch producer who focuses on quality rather than quantity.

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