1. Lol, he really out here displaying his knock off next to the real thing? Assuming that’s why he cropped out the 277 on the right side shoe.

  2. I haven't listened to pods in a while, but the one thing that is vexing is Cumia is a teenage girl predator scumbag, but he has made me laugh out loud multiple times. He's funny, or at least was, I don't know about the current state of him. I don't know most of the stories about him, but I him and his cohost were talmbout women's feet and he said he wants the ones that have been walking near lockers (high school) and that was disgusting. I only heard clips of his funny stuff. When he "eulogized" David Bowie and when he did a dead-on Tony Danza impression and had his lackey give a phone to people waiting in line to be the audience to the Tony Danza show was some of the funniest shit I've ever heard. I wish he wasn't such a degenerate, but through this I get people who find D'phelia funny but hate his predator actions.

  3. That one was decent, the one where he says "Do you take it up the ass" destroyed me. His Dice Clay impression and some others are perfect and hilarious. There's no denying he's funny to me. Pile of shit creep, though, nevur meddim and I never paid for any of the stuff I heard.

  4. The head-back Rogan laugh seems to be making more and more appearances lately. Inchrissing.

  5. I made a clip of him fake laughing at a bathroom story of Montez's but not sure if I will put it up, I lost my mojo while I was making it. There were multiple head backs and one had a clear view of the portal to nowhere in his mouf.

  6. Yea I wanna see it too. When he fake laughs and turns his head to the side makes me wanna gouge my eyes out

  7. 'Aight I'll put it up in a bit if someone else doesn't. I've been cheffing up some other dishes to slang.

  8. Callahan's jumping into some character voice is one of the most irksome and unfunny things he does on pods.

  9. Dressed all in black to send a message...when reaper cushions come a knockin'

  10. Well, this squashes any Barndance attempt to say it meant something else. He killing it at life, fer sure.

  11. Well, it did get ivvrything 100% wrong, so it's got that going for it, which is nice.

  12. This is exactly what it is. He doesn't need the handouts from buppa anymore. Brenda will have Josh Wolf back before not too long.

  13. Gonna hijack the top cawlment thread to post a video of the slap in its raw form with no zooms or slow mo to keep Chang's a full service establishment:

  14. Ooo, looks like Shorty has a new signature! I do want that.

  15. He’s just getting fatter and fatter for the last 4-6 years.. the big brown slim down is the best shape he was ever in and that lasted a week

  16. Wrinks spilled the beans on Scoob's recent Dr checkup, he's at 270 and hasn't been working out other than pushing the accelerator on his e-bike.

  17. He drinks whiggsy and eats food trucks/cakes pre 12pm. Who is he trying to kid. Oh, himself and thiggies. The only redacted enough people to believe the lies.

  18. Not eating until afternoon because you feel like shit from drinking the night before isn't really intermittent fasting, either.

  19. Braindead's drinking is gonna get much worse if Callahan keeps this same energy. It's been painfully obvious that Cuckahan has been cucking himself for over a year because he doesn't have anything else and the man's gotta feed two families. Welp, now he's got another, probably much fatter, paycheck coming, so he can actually act like he has a spine. Though this absolutely makes him much more spineless. Goddamn these people are sickos lol.

  20. Aside from the new shows, I think Crowder commissioning his next special jumpstarted the old cretin like Frankenstein's lightning.

  21. I saw Bapa do one of those Rogan moves of comparing something to doing standup. This might have been the cause of that.

  22. I, like any homeless cat with morals, have been saying the whole time that Bobby lee is a sick fuck and while the whole 300 pages fiasco was entertaining. Bobby is gross.

  23. Yeah, he's a despicable little creep. I was on a Chang's break for most of the 300 pages stuff, fortunately. He grows his hair out stupid and dresses like an idiot and acts like an innocent little kid half the time, all to try to seem like a guy who isn't a sick bastard who couldn't have done the things he said he did. I'm glad that shit is coming back at him again.

  24. Getting a taste of his own medicine from how he can't keep his hands off of Diddler on GH.

  25. *My title might be a little confusing. I mean I've barely made it 11 minutes of skipping through for clips and he's already done two self aggrandizing things.

  26. What the hell will wrinks be doing in Israel? It's such a trip how that's the #1 priority whenever conservative commentators sign with a new company like Blaze, Daily Wire, etc. They're immediately sent on a trip to Israel.

  27. He just said it quickly when Sclobbo said he'd be in Europe on one ep. Details might come out as the date drawls closer.

  28. His lawlsuit against a small youtuber made him a pariah to a lot of content makers, too.

  29. *Marg also played a couple of voicemails from some chigg he said was Bapa's side piece telling him Sclob's nairdiv now is that he fired Marg because he was a drug addict and a wife beater. He also said this chigg or another chigg said Bapa told her wanted to leave his wife for her and have kids with her. It seemed too gossipy for me to clip, but he seemed to have the receipts on this one a bit, so I clipped it. The meat of the interview was about Marg and his chigg's drama.

  30. Bapa can’t shut up for a few seconds for wrinks to set up his joke. He just goes. Water

  31. The old Something's Burning Kreisher show eps are down on YT, but on the one Wrinks and Sclob were on Wrinks was trying to do his sea captain bit and Sclob kept giggling and interrupting and ruined it. He couldn't stand to not be the center of attention even for 20 seconds.

  32. the funny thing is they’re only addressing the haders, because those are the only people who cared 😂

  33. When he said that thanks to the hayders and he loves us, it was just a version of Joey Vader Diaz's reverse psychology that homeless cats are helping make him wealthy somehow.

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