A dreamy morning. Fiordland, New Zealand {OC} (1500x1000)

Hope to make it to the other side.

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  1. Paintjob so good I can imagine the shitty acting

  2. Hahaha, I was having a rough day but that genuinely gave me a laugh.

  3. Thank you! I had been told a month ago that I was wrong and that they were an invasive species and I should rid them but then things starting getting worse 🤦🏽‍♀️

  4. This is one of the few ladybirds that can become a problem and eat plants BUT they are doing it because you have a fungus problem. If the rest of the plant looks healthy you can afford to let them fight it out a bit. If it doesn't, look up milk treatments for fungus.

  5. She doesn't get many! It's a once in a blue moon thing. My dogs like a strange variety of things, but I'll try to mix up their high fat content stuff for their coat. Most of the time it's Bonito flakes

  6. The cashew looks like it could be raw, in which case it's not considered dog safe (and is deadly for cats). If it's cooked it's fine but I'm always careful with other nuts for dogs anyway because a lot of them are poisonous.

  7. Agreed. This one is roasted and unsalted

  8. Glad to hear it! I try not to be but I seem to always become the treat police because I just worry that people don't know.

  9. It is a beautiful noxious weed in Australia, it seems to grow well almost anywhere. Recommend potting it if you want to contain it at all.

  10. I also printed Dwight Shrutes gym for muscles on the door to my husband's gym

  11. My Asian family of 4 chews through that in two days.

  12. This is the answer I was looking for. Me and my Asian husband have a house of two and regularly run out of spring onion, we also have it growing. Still not enough.

  13. Well I just married into it, so yeah you can adopt the culture and learn recipes that use a tonne of spring onion.

  14. It's a shame but the lupins are a highly invasive species, they destroy the local ground flora.

  15. Really big issue here in Australia too. Pretty though

  16. No problem, they can look a bit ratty but they are way scarier! Pound for pound they have the third strongest bite pressure in the world and can easily tear a chunk off your ankle. They're more sort of beaver sized, I'd say that's a better comparison.

  17. Whoa, I had no idea they were that 'devilish! Thank you for sharing

  18. Yeh they well and truly earn their name along with their horrible screams. Imagine seeing your first one in the bush with no warning as to what it was.

  19. Funnily enough, there never were 12 rocks at Twelve Apostles (at least in recorded history).

  20. Oh yeah! In my memory more had fallen but I guess the London Bridge feature snuck into my memories as it's so similar and collapsed too.

  21. Even London Bridge only had two collapses despite existing for centuries. It was repaired both times, and was constantly having to be maintained. One was from the river freezing and crushing some of the piers. The bridge also still exists, but was taken apart and reassembled in Arizona.

  22. You are correct but you are thinking of a very different London bridge than the one I mentioned. In my comment I'm talking about rocky outcrops along the Australian coast where the 12 apostles are found. One was called London bridge and was quite a famous tourist attraction in Australia.

  23. Imagine pulling the short straw in a hunter gatherer society and having to be the first guy to eat an unfamiliar plant so the rest of the tribe knows if it’ll make em sick or kill them. If the plant kills or makes sick you’re gonna wanna remember that shit and pass the info along the generations.

  24. No short straw required, we all know that idiot that tries something even when they're told not to. I'm sure history was full of them.

  25. These photos are absolutely lovely. I love the warmth, the subtle colours, the crispness. What settings did you use for the flight shot?

  26. It’s shot at 75mm and pretty heavily cropped. F8, 1/1000, ISO 500

  27. Oh my goodness, I never remember the name of this genetic but I always love watching the changes as they age. Such a beautiful pup! Thank you for sharing

  28. I think vitiligo is supposed to refer to pigmentation changes in the skin. In animals with fur/feathers it's usually called 'Piebald'.

  29. I think this situation is vitiligo due to the fact that the amount of white (or lack of pigment) has spread and become a bigger portion as the dog ages. The dog wasn’t born with the white.

  30. Oh interesting difference. Yeh maybe that's what makes it called that?

  31. So this is gonna sound strange and probably pretty obtuse, but how is the pain on an injury like that? Is it pain like nothing you’ve ever felt or are you so in shock that you don’t really feel it?

  32. I think there's a certain point where you can't process how pain feels different, it's just overwhelming. The shock is almost instant so your physical response is similar to getting into a frozen lake where you can't breathe. I remember the horror of realising how bad my leg was much more than the actual pain of it. I've broken a bunch of bones in situations not as gruesome and I'd put the pain on a similar level, but it's the horror that you remember. You're just thinking in cycles of "oh fuck, oh fuck, I've lost my leg"

  33. Yeh I think I said "oh fuck" out loud, but it was quiet and just like a resigned "damn"

  34. Kueh lapis (which is the cake recipe used to make these) is goddamn delicious. The first time I tried it (a gift from my husband's family) I ate the entire thing. It uses fourteen eggs per cake and is like the richest most delicious sponge you'll ever have.

  35. Depends where in Canada. Prickly pear is a big issue for us in Victoria which is a similar climate to Vancouver Island. That's why I pointed it out. It's much more cold tolerant than other cactuses.

  36. Not only can this be propagated but it will go bonkers in the right climate. In Australia it is a noxious weed and illegal to grow. Perhaps reconsider if it doesn't already grow naturally near you as it can get out of hand.

  37. I would like to experiment with them too but my success with growing average sized sunflowers is low 😅 especially when it comes to keeping them alive when they are only seedlings, the bugs keep eating them before they get the chance to grow. Would you suggest cutting off the extra grown heads to let the plant focus on the main head? I'll be using miracle growth all purpose fertiliser to hopefully boost their height.

  38. If my goal was maximum height I would, but because I have others I'm happy to run a trial on that one. Plus it's already the tallest.

  39. Oof, I tried growing nasturtiums and only two have sprouted.. They have only grown to about 17cm within a month or two, not sure if they are suppose to be slow growers or if mine has slow growth.

  40. Wow, that is bizarre. nasturtium usually loves poor soil and being informed and grows like a weed. Most people need to pot them or they take over.

  41. Congrats! Gorgeous flower. Stunning picture. Thanks for sharing.

  42. Thank you:) it makes me happy everyone I see it

  43. I'm sorry but this sub is about painting miniatures, not about photos of real frogs 😋

  44. It is called an Australian painted Lady and they are butterflies

  45. The South American ones turn yellow. Not sure where this one is!

  46. I've never seen a yellow one! We will have to swap passionfruit experiences.

  47. yeah I don’t think I’d ever be able to sleep at night if I lived in australia…

  48. Same. I live in Rhode Island, USA, and every time I see a bug/ animal post from Australia, I'm like, Holy shit!

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