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  1. I've biked over 2000 miles this summer and they have all been on ebike. It's totally possible to get your exercise in depending on how much pedal assist you use.

  2. Balaclava is a must for me and under armor leggings/long sleeve. The ones rated for cold weather help retain heat without me overheating which is really nice since you don't want to sweat.

  3. I was told by customer service that the Shimano B01S style will work with the Logan brakes. I'm replacing mine tomorrow and can follow-up with you then to see if they actually work.

  4. 4 days late, but I can confirm they are the B01S STYLE. The current/updated pad is actually B05S. Do not get them from amazon because they are confirmed fake/knockoff Shimano.

  5. Damn I bought some off Amazon and they seemed legit. The brakes sound and work great so far but we will see.

  6. You can buy dark crystal glass cleaner from Amazon and it'll make your atomizers look brand new.

  7. I leave them bad reviews on Google or yelp. You'll be surprised how quick some restaurants will change their attitudes.

  8. Verano products have been pretty great for the price. The modified grapes had that gmo funk in it.

  9. Boost evo is a beast and the flavor is great on it. Also, their atomizers last forever.

  10. What’s the reason? I don’t get it. Can you explain?

  11. Yeah the ticket meter person giving the driver with hazard lights on crap about being parked there.

  12. I'm going to be working at a vet clinic to gain experience for vet school.

  13. I'm sorry this happened to you but the police will not do anything about it. It's time to take that MMA class and/or CC.

  14. This was supposed to be a 5 minute delivery for $5 but the address was 15 mins away in the gps. Customer support said it was a glitch, tried to get me to deliver then it was "removed with penalty".

  15. A girl I delivered Popeyes to asked me for a ride on my ebike to grab more honey packets.

  16. I am with the customer on this bike deliveries for pizza shouldn't be a thing

  17. I deliver 18" pizzas on my bike just fine. I've had asshats in cars that can't even keep my food level.

  18. Wait, the building didn't demolish itself?

  19. Yes I'm sure they will be more empathetic and understanding towards the next cyclist after this [/sarcasm]

  20. The goal is to make her 2nd guess her actions next time. Driving around with a broken mirror sucks.

  21. How do you do this with a ulock? Just swing it?

  22. I just punch the's very easy with enough force. Then just pop a U turn while they pull over and rethink their actions.

  23. How do you get your butt to not be so sore after riding with that seat?

  24. You must be packing in the rear then cuz I can’t go too far without feeling sore.

  25. Haha I was originally going to say I have strong glutes from wrestling for 18 years plus alot of other active stuff so you may be on to something.

  26. I'm currently looking for better tires as well but I heard the shinkos decrease range which is something I cannot do.

  27. Chicago has Landslide, L.A. Affie and Acapulco Gold, Villa Park just has Landslide. Have had L. A. Affie and Landslide and they're both really nice.

  28. just be aware that if they don’t say LIVE its not live, made with cured flower. thats why they start at 140. not saying its bad, just less flavorful than live sugar.

  29. Not true, atleast not always with how dispos label them online. I bought the landslide from here and it says live on the grassroots packaging.

  30. I plan to apply for a conceal carry soon.

  31. Did you do any of this since then ? I currently want to get a foid card and eventually a CC license.

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