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  1. Theres 2 servers. NA and EU. Breaking news: not everyone in the world lives in NA or EU. Also did you know multiple time zones exist?

  2. Yeah because everyone in other time zones just happens to play on blue. Try again

  3. No it won't show it. Also this headset has the super issue where you always have to unplug and plug in the USB receiver after every restart!

  4. The metal tips take a pretty long time to heat up so I personally was not a fan. It was the only product I didn't like.

  5. While in high-school i would always have women grab my ass at parties. The first few times i nervously laughed about it (because men are supposed to like it) but then it just became invasive and uncomfortable.

  6. I had a razer keyboard for 10 years before it died. Thing looked brand new when i "burried" it. And that shit was used at least 5 hours daily.

  7. Mine is 4 yrs old and still looks fine! I used the fuck out of it during the pandemic and for gaming

  8. is that mold all around the outside ring? the black spots

  9. Are you talking about the tiny crystals? There is zero mold on this one

  10. if you zoom in on the edge of the sauce it looks like black specks. maybe it's just showing some color from the table underneath

  11. Dude I swore to never buy super flux again. About four or five months ago, I bought a couple grams and they were great and juicy when I opened them and a week or so later the entire thing dried out and became hard as a rock. Their lids are garbage

  12. Same exact thing happened to me. I've either opened a jar that had spillage or a few days later it just dries out.

  13. My unpopular opinion is I prefer the boost sidewinder over the ball rig

  14. Do you think any other cultivator will try to match $25/g concentrates? BG is committed to this product, and intends to keep the price point where is is at.

  15. I don't think any other cultivator will match the #25/g concentrate anytime soon however I do notice sales becoming much more frequent at most locations so hopefully lower prices are on the horizon.

  16. I got one of these gg4 buckets last week it was great, sorry you got that ass in it.

  17. Yeah it was disappointing but Consume said they will replace it due to contamination.

  18. Damn I was all excited over that GG4 for half a second there. Definitely call or email about that heinous shit

  19. Yeah same here. I sent an inquiry on their website but I just called now. Thanks!

  20. Yeah it was like biting into a diesel-powered fruit. I can't get enough of it

  21. I only use it to give my stuff a deep cleaning, but not every dab maintenance.

  22. Yup. Flush/qtip with iso to get any residual stickiness or coating from the DC. Then wipe again with a fresh qtip to ensure it's all smooth and clean. I will even heat it again slightly sometimes to ensure.

  23. I've only tried the puffco peak pro and the Dr dabber switch and boost evo. So far the switch is my favorite

  24. I shop for certain strains so I am always bouncing between brands but I would say if I had to choose it would be Revolution. They are for the most part pretty consistent, and I've never had spillage from their concentrates.

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