1. will play with anyone im on PS4 rocgod_22

  2. I love the M1A CQB my fav weapon.


  4. I wish the people I played with would do this kind of stuff, when I meet in the DZ the people all they do is kill me I would love to be in a group loke this

  5. Can you still get it now, its not in the blueprint area.

  6. I'm offended by this post 🤣

  7. Hahaha, I would be too but I resemble it too much 🤣🤣🤣

  8. I like the old...mine looks like the old :P

  9. Hahaha, me too but my wife says its a desk not a workbench 🤣

  10. Where did you get this organizer? I just tried finding one on amazon that has these angled shelves but no luck

  11. Got it at my tool haven, Harbor Freight 🥰

  12. Maybe this one? Saw this at a children's museum in the learn about teeth section.

  13. OMG, I want one like that...wonder what shipping would be 🤔🤔🤔🤔

  14. I'm hoping to just go ahead and jump from white to red belt with this one, wish me luck 🤞🤞🤞🤞🖖🤘

  15. Wow I know where I'm going, a local locksmith shop had them for $40...maybe they were different??? IDK but I want one.

  16. That is disappointing, I dont have feeling in my fingertips and the longer the continuity with the tip to handles gives way better feedback which is what I need sometimes, I love how a pick with that type of handle feels but is not as useful to me...probably till I get better at picking.

  17. I recommend a thick all metal handle like multipick or lawlocktools then, or a custom made one with wood handles

  18. Thanks I'll check them out

  19. I practice both ways, I also alternate TOK and BOK especially on cheaper locks and to add to it I also try doing it left handed cause my wife is and when she want to try picking its easier to try and show her. An open is an open so I think how ever you are comfortable then thats how you do it. No one way is the right way plus locks can be installed is some weird spots or with no room or upside down so practice all different position, sometime I hold the lock but others I'll use my vise, I dont like the vise but sometimes a steady helping hand to hold the lock is nice so my hand doesnt cramp up. I like picking with the pins down sometimes because, for me, I can see the pins especially in a very open keyway.

  20. If at any point you’re interested in selling that us mail lock I’d be be very interested!

  21. I'll sell you one OR trade for it either way, I have several and with keys, I only want to keep one, I got a few of them cause I was going to gutt one but I watched LPL's vid on it and I'm not now so yea, not sure of price...what ever you think is fair $ or loke I said if you want to trade too, just LMK, thanks.

  22. Okay awesome! I’m not sure what I’d have anything worth the trade let me look after I get out of work and then I’ll let you know!

  23. Your wife was 1/2 right when she says "We don't have kids". She has a kid (singular). She just didn't know that. Her kid was taking picture of the Jeep.

  24. Hahahahahahaha, well she said to say that finally someone smart enough to know the truth, hahahahahahaha

  25. Truer words have never been spoken before in the whole of the history of the human race, my friend.

  26. Kinda weird you asked permission to take a picture. I also would’ve said no get away from the machine if you asked me

  27. Well, I felt it was polite and respectful since I was in a business and I would have not taken it if they said no but if the machine had been outside I think I would have just taken the picture

  28. Ok! So please bare with me on the answer, it is "To be honest I dont know"...thats the short answer.

  29. See it as a positive, it’s good that you were curious enough to pull it apart, now you need to develop the other side of the hobby to fix it. That thirst to learn is what started you in this hobby 👍

  30. Thanks, everyone is so encouraging and helpful and I dont feel stupid for making mistakes and showing them.

  31. Ah, sorry I couldn't see the numbers on my phone screen. That lock is being moved from green belt to orange belt?

  32. Thats good to know, I'll be tackling it sooner than I thought

  33. Ooohh I love the color dot idea, great looking locks 😍

  34. Yea, my bad. I shot it but it must be a Master Lock since it was tough under fire 🤣

  35. Hey you are on to something there...there should be a whole line of paw picks

  36. Nice, in the park picking and playing with puppers.

  37. I don’t understand this. Can you please explain further?

  38. I was trying to make a key for my Sargent & Greenleaf 881? locks since they did not come with keys so I watched several YT vids and heard mentioned on some vid about making keys for the lock using different things like round stock or large cotter keys/split pins and such but I did not buy big enough cotter pins and so the bitting (Is that the righ term?) is correct for my lock but because the cotter key is too small it only spis in the keyway and does not turn the disc pack. So just showing of my first ever attempt at making a key.

  39. So cool like a pistol grip, look very ergonomic and comfortable.

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