1. They don't care about bugs as long as they aren't money related. I got stuck in the fingerprint hack once and couldnt do anything, another time I got stuck in the location behind where the sonar deflector is(torpedo room). Btw, is the titan sell glitch still there or not? I dont do CEO sell missions but I'm curious.

  2. Las 3? Que yo sepa solo una cuenta puede estar como principal; si cambias una a principal se quita la otra. Trata poniendo la que tiene el ps plus a principal si te dice que no esta

  3. cuando pongo una como principal las demás no se desactivan sera ese el problema??

  4. Eso creo, usualmente cuando yo ponia principal se deasctivaban las otras que yo recuerde, pero sip trata de desactivar las otras cuentas de principal y deja solo la que tiene el ps plus

  5. The blank image made them really interested 🤷‍♂️

  6. Below the casino on the map there should be an L icon, go over there and it'll tell you to go somewhere else to trigger a cutscene. You go there and wait for the cutscene to end, and then wait for a notification from Lester to purchase an Arcade. If I messed up sorry but it's been so long since I purchased mine

  7. Can't come off in a dangerous position if it isn't there 🤷‍♂️

  8. I dont even know What i comment anymore.The first carti thought that comes up needs to be commented.But i need to escape 9-5

  9. I struggle with getting the unleashed goals for the time trials. What car do you recommend?

  10. I personally love the Koenigsegg Jesko, very easy car to drive and also really fast. But oddly enough, I get my best times with the Street Weiner. It's a bit more complicated to get used to but you can get as fast as you can with it. My best times came with the Street Weiner, but I was so used to the Jesko I never switched. I recommend you try out both and see which one suits you better

  11. Depends how often you play, source cargo and sell

  12. Quite often, I'd say? I hop on almost everyday and let the technicians source the cargo. I think I'll sell it so I can do the RP method though

  13. Maybe try fill the warehouse over the weekend and then sell to take advantage of the bonus

  14. Hahahaha hahahaha, what a way to be told you've won the championship

  15. Wait really? I guess that applies to other aircraft right? I thought it wanted me to do X number of missions rather than X number of cargo sourced.

  16. Six string is perfect!! I know now which skin to buy next 😁

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