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  1. I have some verses from Emily Dickinson's "It's all I have to bring today" on my ribs.

  2. All look good, but it's got to be Brandon for me. He's my original hall pass

  3. i’m glad you asked. my friend took a cruise to alaska and canada last week and she came home the other night. she went to a beach and picked this up, she and my other friends believe it to be a stone or maybe a tooth of some kind. i posted it here in case that it may be a tooth.

  4. Her stare reminds me of 'Cara Delevingne' in this shot.

  5. I'm watching the second season of Only Murders in the building and each time Cara Delevingne appears in scene my mind thinks of Vi instantly.

  6. I live vicariously but just because I haven't got the money and I don't really know if I'm brave enough to ride a motorbike, although I would like to very much... I wish I was as awesome as all this people having fun with this little monkeys... :D

  7. That is a very sexy photo. I just can not look at her the same since gone girl, though. She scares the shit ot of me now.

  8. Yeah mine doesn’t πŸ™ƒ I’ve been mistaken for a girl over a hundred times

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