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  1. No exchanges, no karma, no pics, no info: projecting trustworthiness and reliability!

  2. Good eye! It’s a custom knife I grabbed from a maker on Instagram, didn’t include it in the sale because a friend snagged it!

  3. It’s a beaut! Who’s it from? I covet it.

  4. Nearly everything appears sold out. Does he restock often?

  5. In a word no. You can shoot him an email.. I've gotten good customer service and shipping etc.. but have to accept the fact that he is not a full time operation like TT or KK Its a real shame I guess that can be said for many smaller makers.

  6. I hear that. But at the same time, isn’t the idea behind so many of these carefully machined pens a lifetime of use? Obviously very few things actually stand up to a lifetime of hard use, but these makers certainly believe they’re putting objects into the world to accomplish something close.

  7. I requested Stephanie at Lesbianedc create me a custom wallet out of Horween Color #8 Bi-fold Shell Cordovan. It's perfect and cost quite a bit, but was worth every penny. Her attention to detail can't be beat.

  8. Nice! Never heard of her. Really beautiful work. Did you approach with a design in mind?

  9. I’ll take the End. X timed Navi ocean

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