EURO Fantasy calendar: Subs and Transfers

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  1. Hey thanks for the reply, I can't message you on reddit 😭

  2. Ahh, now I know why they call those meetings "daily stand-ups" it's for the backend developers :P

  3. I have Pogba in my starting lineup who hasn't played yet. If I were to sub in Mount (also hasn't played) and wanted to sub pogba back in after mount has played would this be allowed?

  4. If I have Rudiger in my starting 11 ATM can I sub Laporte in who is playing today and if he does bad sub Rudiger back in who's playing tomorrow?

  5. Hey! What time tracking system do you use?

  6. How do you track it? I'm using Clockify nowadays.

  7. Is it worth taking hits to remove benched players?

  8. I took a 12pts hit in the last round… it didn’t pay off. 😭🤣 wouldn’t recommend

  9. I like the thinking and the rationale, but sometimes the rotation hits those expensive players too and you'll be left with no one to come on.

  10. !thanks. I'm going to give it a bash and see what happens. Everyone is just copying the template otherwise which is just boring to me, and not much to loose, so what the heck.

  11. Are auto subs a thing or do I need to sub him off manually?

  12. Auto subs are a thing, BUT only if you make now captain changes or no manual subs.

  13. Don't make any manual subs, don't change your captain, hope that players from your starting 11 don't play.

  14. you can change cap, that don't affect auto subs

  15. Actually it was a case in the last year when managers with Vlaho could keep him on the bench while others were not able to bring him in as Benfica was eliminated and players were removed from the game.

  16. Exactly, you explained way better than I did the tactic... I posted before I checked the teams that progressed prices, d'oh. Didn't release there were so many bargins.

  17. Okay, "Pro tip". Why would you ever want to have non playing bench when manual subs is the main deal of fantasy CL?

  18. 100% agree, my point wasn't to fill your bench with non-starters.

  19. Since updating to Big Sur Chrome is unusable... crazy lag on my Mac... safari lightning fast. But I'm stuck I don't want to use Safari simply because all my bookmarks without labels are invisible in the Favourites bar :(

  20. i have a 2018 macbook pro and it’s fully loaded. safari and chrome are very slow for me and i am extremely angry!!

  21. Same model, specs for me suuuuppper laggy mouse when chrome is open :(

  22. I think last year prizes were only EU countries. They changed it this year, they’re world wide.

  23. Don't think so. It is about 70-80% luck. I finished 1st in India this time and 14 overall. I think a single team can win it. As indians we don't have any chance to win anything afterall as the prizes are limited to UEFA countries only. So enjoy the game.

  24. The top 0.0027% of players. Respect!

  25. I've seen so many teams go all-in with a Man City captain, what % of users to do think does not get the captain swapping rules?

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