1. This is probably one of the most important midterms ever. We really need y'all.

  2. Think I hear the same thing every term

  3. “Went a little overboard” it’s like 2 handfuls

  4. I even know gen-x, gen-z and millennials who would do this.

  5. I mean why even segregate

  6. Eh, they could. Steam uses a bezel around the image to make money off of. So there’s def ways they could.

  7. Epic should just give up already and just turn their epic games store into a filter on steam. "Here is a list of games owned by epic".

  8. Fortnite mainers prolly beg to differ

  9. Can a lift get you up there? Otherwise call a roofer

  10. Out in Raleigh had a blast. If you need help eating it 👋🏼

  11. Stick to documentation. Videos always leave out the why and what for

  12. https://www.businessinsider.com/marie-curie-radioactive-papers-2015-8

  13. Read every bit, never says when they tested it. The article you linked me links to some Christian article that supposedly said they tested it, but there was no information there either. It hasn’t been tested in 100 years they don’t know is what I see. Radiation in Hiroshima and Nagasaki are gone. So if it’s exposed I doubt it still has radiation. If it’s in a lead lined tomb, possibly still radioactive but I doubt it

  14. They don't have to test it. We know the half life of radium and it's decay chain.

  15. And we all know real world doesn't correlate with math either. So there is that

  16. This has been proved wrong time and time again. Good players can easily rank up with a brand new account (watched a streamer do this not so long ago - on kbm even). Smurfs usually must lose on purpose or their rank will increase too fast. If you're good enough, you will rank up.

  17. You compare diamond at diamond to gc at brand new account? Like they are the same in any bit.

  18. You just have to become good enough to compensate for bad teammates on a regular basis (if you solo queue that is), no matter which rank.

  19. Eh, you have to depend on your teammate. It's a team sport don't get me wrong. But smurfing proves nothing but that the system is messed up. (because you can smurf)

  20. Lol I be thinking oh thanks for reporting me to me. I’ll take note of me and give me a talking too

  21. His name fits tho. I mean what did you expect? The notorious

  22. Did not know that. I'm 2 weeks from my first chop. What is your process?

  23. Just jar it up and pop the top every so often

  24. Yo! First, they sell giant saucepan like containers that are air tight and wont fuck up the terps like plastic will. Then, as for bovedas, they sell difference size packs for different amounts of flower, I believe they have 1lb ones, but my recommendation is to get a multipack of slightly smaller ones. Check their website out for more details on volume...

  25. You don’t think boveda and whatever is in it will mess up terps?

  26. I agree with you as well, arrows would be needed. I know for myself I would 100% try to jank the handle up my first time using it.

  27. I would first push down, pull up on lever, then see if it’s a side ways turner. If that didn’t work. Give the whole thing a push and pull in and out. Nothing? I give up

  28. Quit telling me imagine and give me actual examples. I can imagine a unicorn on the moon. Wtf that gon do?

  29. That's amazing. I can honestly say I have never seen a properly made SD file look better than a properly made HD file on my display. By "better quality" you can't mean sharpness. Is it compression artifacts?

  30. You know I’ve thought about this later thinking what if what I’m watching is mostly artifacts, and not the real movie all together lol. With tv shows it’s a bit different I suppose. Like the sim pains. Started downloading sd quality, found a really good uploaded and haven’t looked back. I use to hate sd quality also. I did mean sharpness though. But I think i was pulling 420p which isn’t much worse than 720p, but for file size a lot better.

  31. Mine is pay your taxes and you don’t have to care about the agents. The poor shouldn’t be paying taxes at all. But Budd will make them pay. Republicans worry the 87000coming after there stash.

  32. It’s like you can’t help but spit some bs about republicans. You sound like a child teasing. Clearly you don’t understand life and how it throws curveballs. “Just pay your taxes”, “well sir, I did, and now I can’t eat for a week” “Them Republicans prolly shakin in their boots over 87000 irs agents.” Good one, whatever it was

  33. Recess it. And put a glass in a frame over it with led lights around the inside edge. That’d give it that old style look!

  34. Have a feelin it accounts for traffic and not how dumb most drivers are here. Or how garbage the roads are. Everyone wants crazy stuff. I think just nice roads would be an improvement.

  35. That 65-70 also is going to be the temp right at the components, not the general air temp within the case.

  36. Anything touching it could get pretty close when ran long enough. It's not the ambient temp to worry about, more of the feet and what the temp below it is. They are basically adding insulation, which holds heat. Of course the air isn't going to feel as hot as the components.

  37. It means, an F in chat for my mans

  38. rmzy says:

    Tf is chazzed? Either they crack and aren’t cleaned, or these just need cleaned. Torch em red hot and everything will burn off. Best way imo if they are cracked. In my experience though they just crack eventually

  39. Lmao never even heard the term? You're on the internet looking at dab stuff and never heard it?

  40. It’s called heat treatment, never heard the term? I mean couldn’t even answer the question but had enough to respond some off the wall ish..

  41. They can. They’re not a financial institution. OP knows that. OP can’t just do nothing and then come back with a surprised Picachu face. Crypto is unregulated business. You always need to keep track of your funds and the news around every coin you’re holding. I agree, Binance shouldn’t just lock the funds but again, OP needs to severely take care of their funds themselves.

  42. rmzy says:

    They don’t need to be a financial institution to be held liable. And it very well may be classified as so either way.

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