1. Yep and after that made them sleep outside in the sand while they were wet. She literally said oh I slept so good and warm bc I prepared 🤦🏻‍♀️

  2. Sounds like she needs some serious therapy. Shaming people for not being prepared when she didn’t give them any details. What an asshole

  3. Jackson: “we should get married…soon”

  4. Most cities don’t have year round farmers markets unfortunately

  5. For anyone in London, the Western Fair Farmers market is year round and a great place to get groceries. The produce selection is awesome

  6. So for ethical reasons people would rather shop at Walmart, which is non-unionized and is famous for poor pay, rather than Loblaw or Metro, both of which have been unionized for a long time.

  7. Yea, I don’t understand people being okay shopping at Walmart. You want to talk corrupt corporations, Walmart is at the top of the list. I mean, I won’t shop at Loblaws either because Galen Westin is a twat, but I’m definitely not running to Walmart

  8. THANK YOU!!! 💯I very much dislike Luke as well. He is a straight up toxic person.

  9. I don't find Luke's behavior at Logan's house on Valentine's Day to be out of character at all. The only difference is that we usually see Luke on his own territory, but in that episode, he was at Logan's place, and we got to compare sour, grumpy, petty, childish Luke with Logan's good nature, generosity and charm.

  10. Other than him being a giant man baby about the whole thing, that’s actually not one of the situations I found him intolerable…just the rest of it.

  11. It's worse. You have to do the treatments on yourself, they are not allowed to touch you. Lol

  12. Yup, this. They come to your house and talk you through using the products on yourself over a bowl of water. It’s ridiculous

  13. I’ve already been boycotting them for a year now.

  14. This year we are doing rubber duckies with a heart shaped card that says “I’m so DUCKY to have a friend like you”. Last year we did bubbles. A small card and maybe a small treat for each kid is all you need to do. Lots of parents just get cards for their kids to give out. Small treats can include stickers, bubbles, pencil/eraser, a chocolate (for older kiddos)

  15. For the first shot my kiddo had no reaction at all. I got my booster the same day and I had a headache/sore arm/was tired…she was in much better shape than I haha. For her second shot she was grouchy the next day and had a low grade fever but was fine by the following morning

  16. I think she should have been an editor instead of journalist. But I can’t see her in the insurance business.

  17. I agree with this. She would have made an excellent editor.

  18. do you know what job newspaper editors start off in?

  19. Depends on the editor. Some write first, others go straight into editing, others start in an entirely different career and move to editing

  20. With a cute face like his, we will all just roll over and take it. As usual.

  21. Not all of us. I have only been to a PC brand grocery store once in the last year and it was because my husband discovered he still had PC points that hadn’t been used so we went shopping for a party we were having and got everything for free. I won’t be going back anytime in the foreseeable future

  22. I've started going to Farm Boy recently and it's really not that much more expensive than my regular shop at an Independent, plus Farm Boy has much better quality produce. Crazy times we live in.

  23. Yea we shop Giant Tiger (because it’s a 3 min walk from our house) for basics, and then shop Farm Boy, the farmers market and a locally owned grocery store for everything else. I don’t miss any of the PC brand stores at all.

  24. It’s not UNhealthy. It’s basically protein powder in a cereal…with monk fruit as a sweetener instead of stevia.

  25. It’s not that bad. I didn’t love it, but I don’t love cereal at all. My husband likes it, and he’s a picky eater (he has the eating habits of a 12 year old).

  26. Dasani is just municipal tap water packaged in. It's not specially filtered or anything. Your cat is telling OP that it's the same water.

  27. Same water, less plastic taste

  28. My pen isn’t there. Uniball Signo Micro is my pen of choice

  29. The point of the article is that it's problematic for Toronto as a city that someone can buy a multi-unit dwelling and convert it to a single family house. Nobody is saying this particular owner did anything illegal.

  30. It started out as a single dwelling house though, and then at some point was converted…so why is this the owners problem?

  31. I never said it's the owner's problem? I'm saying we need policies to discourage this behavior if we want to improve affordability in toronto.

  32. Well, we don’t really need to be putting policies in place against private homeowners. Instead on the greedy corporations who own all the apartment buildings.

  33. I caught my postal delivery person once just doing his regular rounds, and he was about to hang the “attempted delivery” notice on the door when I opened the door.

  34. Yup. This is what my mail carrier does as well. I know because it always says signature required but my spouse works from home so would be there to provide a signature

  35. I knock, and start writing your card. If you don't answer by the time I finish writing it, I give one more knock, wait 30 seconds, and leave the card. Not my fault if you're slow to answer.

  36. You realize that healthcare is different in every province and paid for by the provincial governments right? Being covered in one province doesn’t mean you’re covered in the whole country…that’s not how it works.

  37. Yea but it’s not that cut and dry. In most provinces if you don’t reside there, you’re required to pay the bill up front and then apply for reimbursement when you arrive back in your province, and they’re only required to reimburse you for things that are medically necessary.

  38. I thought about putting a lock on my toddler’s door as well, but the concern about a fire is what has kept me from doing it. It’s not about me worrying about her being able to get out, it’s me worrying that if there’s a fire and I have a very short window of time to get in and get her, fiddling with a lock on the door is the last thing I want to worry about. We put locks on the front/back door instead. She will still have access to wander the house but at least I know she’s not getting outside. Just make sure your kiddo knows how to traverse the stairs in your home and child-proof as best as you can.

  39. Not necessary at all. My kiddo refuses to drink milk, I’ve tried everything, she just won’t do it. She’s been struggling with weight gain since she was a newborn (she didn’t gain any weight for the first 9 weeks of her life, and even now at 2 is still very underweight, so I really stressed over her not drinking milk but her ped told me the same thing. He said just find other ways to get the nutrients into her, and we do. She eats yogurt and cheese without issue so we just make sure she has yogurt and cheese every day.

  40. My daughter had this same problem when she started in daycare. It was very difficult and I felt so much shame about it.

  41. We used the Ouch, Biting Hurts! book as well. My kiddo loves the book and always says “ouch!” when we say the “biting hurts!” part. If she bit us we used the same words, and it worked. She stopped biting after a couple of weeks. Great resource

  42. What about selling for an MLM makes them “growth minded difference makers”. I’m confused about that. You’re a housewife who sells supplements for crying out loud, calm down.

  43. I feel like the blue chair and the white dresser are the only things that looks out of place in the room. Everything else looks like it belongs. Maybe a slip cover and a throw pillow that coordinates with the ones on the bed

  44. These people suck. This is gross. There are more balloons there than I will ever use in my entire life. The fact that people worship these useless idiots makes it even worse. I just don’t understand.

  45. Nothing. I don’t even put it on fries. Yuck

  46. Does the city have sidewalk plows? I grew up in Winnipeg and you'd see them all the time, but I haven't seen one in London and haven't seen evidence of one having gone by either.

  47. I think we have one…It takes all winter to clear the sidewalks in the city. If you’re lucky, it’ll hit your street before the snow melts in the spring

  48. Not surprised, I commute down Hamilton daily and some people at night will walk on the street wearing dark clothing. About once a month I have to slam breaks and try to avoid hitting someone walking on the street. Hamilton needs more street lights.

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