1. I had a planned c section for a breech baby. We went to the hospital after my water broke, and I really only had to deal with contractions for like 20 min.

  2. Nice! My experience has been that they’re willing to send a discount on the purchase of the new one, which is why I keep buying Fitbits that fail just outside of warranty…

  3. Do you always have to keep the original purchase receipt?

  4. Yes, unfortunately that’s the downside. I’ve been lucky that everything I’ve claimed for was ordered online and/or sent me a digital receipt. But you’d likely also need the original receipt to claim a regular manufacturer’s warranty as well.

  5. I am getting extras at 33 and 36 (currently 32). The 36 week one was scheduled at my 29 week scan but when I was diagnosed - literally right after that scan - my doctor said to keep that one on the books. Thus far all my extra scans have been covered but I agree the costs of GD are annoying. Test strips are almost $80 for a 25 day supply (and I wasted a ton at first because I wasn’t getting enough blood onto the strip) and I have really good insurance! Thankfully the same amount of lancets are only like $8.

  6. Wow! My insurance isn’t that great, and mine are only $5 or $10 for 150 strips. Did you check that you’re using your insurance’s preferred brand?

  7. Well I didn’t question it before but I am now! I just went into the app and it says at my pharmacy, it should be $40, not $80! Still a lot more than you’re paying. I just asked them to call me. But honestly I don’t know how much time/energy I have to fight over this. I should only need max 3 refills before I give birth, including what is already waiting for me at the pharmacy.

  8. That is terrible! And yeah, I’ve been horrified to see that they’re about $1 each over the counter. It really should not be so hard and expensive to provide the bare minimum of supplies!

  9. Is there a managing editor or someone at the journal proper to contact? I had an article in review limbo for ages - turns out my AE had left the journal and my article had fallen through the cracks.

  10. The threshold is stricter because what is acceptable for just you is too high for the fetus.

  11. Yes, you got this! My toddler’s daycare sometimes turns out the lights for little toddler raves, and she loves it. They have a light machine, but we just use the dog’s nighttime light up collar when she asks for a dark dance party at home.

  12. My CGM reports my average glucose last week was 103. My morning fastings have been ~90-98 on my finger pricks over the same period, but I usually see it around 100 during the day.

  13. I’m sorry that you have to stress about this. If it’s any reassurance, being trans is currently a federally protected identity for employment purposes and a hot-button issue (as you mentioned). If you are sued, someone will defend you - if not university lawyers, then something like the ACLU would likely happily take your case.

  14. As many as I can. We start Monday, so I have a template for students asking about crashing, students looking for an add code, and students on the waitlist.

  15. I also have one for students wanting rec letters, with a list of questions for them to answer and materials to furnish

  16. As lots of folks have pointed out, pregnancy and childbirth is hard on the body, as is parenting (especially newborns). And it gets harder as you get older, with greater risks for the pregnant person and the fetus, but it’s gradual. 35 isn’t some magic cliff where things are fine before and shit after. Still, as an older first time mom, I think a lot about how pregnancy has negatively impacted my health, and whether that would be the case if I’d had kids younger.

  17. Fair warning, they’re low carb bc the “tortilla” is made out of chicken/cheese. I found the texture super off putting.

  18. Oh interesting! I’ve only had the enchiladas, which said they had a new flour tortilla.

  19. Caulipower makes chicken nuggets that are lower carb. The breading is chickpea flour and cauliflower, and it’s a passable substitute

  20. What I wasn’t expecting was having to know what road signs were without any symbols-just the shape and color. But, you pass with a certain percentage correct. Or I did, with the help of a kind DMV employee.

  21. I remember that being an unpleasant surprise as well! The person testing was nice about it - I called the school crossing sign a pedestrian crossing sign, and she asked me what kind of pedestrian to clue me in.

  22. If you can’t do it for yourself, do it for your kids.

  23. As others have commented, one spike is nbd. As for Blaze pizza, ours has a keto crust option that isn’t terrible and doesn’t spike my blood sugar, even if I eat the whole personal pizza. Maybe yours does too?

  24. I always enjoyed seeing the discussions on the past versions of these! What i thought was particularly intriguing here is how incredibly fancy (and a bit pretentious) all the food was that she’s cooking, and how many details she knows about her client. “he likes his fish underdone”?¿

  25. President is probably highly compensated but also spends A TON of time wining and dining wealthy people for fundraising purposes. Super curious which of the many Boston unis this is!

  26. True Flavors diner is southern comfort food at its finest

  27. My insurance won't cover it, i tried out the dexcom and absolutely loved it but my insurance basically stated im not diabetic enough for it lol because i am only on insulin once a day. I know it is only for a few day but still it just seems cruel especially if i will have to do this every the dosage is updated.

  28. I’m paying out of pocket for the freestyle libre. Still expensive (~$85/two weeks from ADW diabetes) but cheaper than the DexCom. While I was googling prices, it looks like it may be possible to get it for

  29. Per your last question, have you checked Facebook? We have a pretty active one for psych, around the Society for Teaching Psychology

  30. Glad that your partner is supportive, and sorry that you’re so ill!

  31. I recommend you give induction a try. Better for the environment and better control of heat when cooking. If you need to use a wok for cooking, buying a separate jet engine for cooking outdoors is probably best.

  32. Also if you have kids/are planning to have kids, there’s lots of research linking gas stoves to worse health outcomes for them.

  33. I’d recommend calling your doctor. High blood pressure is a potential warning sign for pre-eclampsia, which is very serious

  34. We had a terrible individual landlord who took forever to get issues addressed. Our last resort was to say, if you don’t send someone by x date, we will hire someone ourselves and deduct their charges from our rent. There was no legal backing behind that, but our landlord actually agreed to it.

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