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One of the last pictures I have of my mom who passed this morning. She battled and put up one hell of a fight with stage 4 metastatic breast cancer that later turned into brain/liver/bone cancer. She was my absolute everything, my best friend. I’m not sure how to live life without her.

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  1. He ran an aging filter on the “older” shots, didn’t he?

  2. Thank you! I was like, those are both just awful photos of those Beautiful Talented Women!! BTW! Ha!

  3. One of the most manly dudes, retired professional athlete, MBA, coach, volunteer to the community, works his a&& off at work, mows the old people’s lawn, amazing dude ever- has his pronouns after his signature. Anyone would be lucky to work with him.

  4. Sorry for your loss 💕

  5. This picture was a couple months ago. She was in the hospital for something minor. They had to put the finger monitor (sorry, I’m not sure what it’s called) on her forehead and her and I both were crying laughing from it. It’s only been 9 hours…how am I supposed to go the rest of my life without her?

  6. My prayers are with you and yours. I’m so sorry.

  7. My high school played in a league with small rural Oregon schools, two teams in our league were called

  8. Locked in syndrome is my nightmare fuel and then thinking about what happened to those people over the centuries of humans, just awful

  9. O.M.G. I laughed out loud at work.

  10. God. Dementia is the absolute WORST disease. And I survived cancer. It is 100% fatal and while there are meds to possibly slow the progression and alleviate symptoms there is no cure. No reversal. The brain dies slowly bit by bit. If the patient doesn’t die from something else their brain will eventually stop sending signals to swallow and even breathe. And it can last for many years.

  11. My mom had and died from FTD. They are gone in an instant. She lived 7 years after the diagnosis but the mother I knew was dead and gone before it got correctly diagnosed. Bruce as the world knows him is gone.

  12. Is there someone who can get to the front page about what every day people can do to clean up around their land/water? (Like a scientist)

  13. This happened in 2017, and the Cat survived!

  14. I needed this!! Thank you!! Ugly crying can stop!

  15. Clam chowder and pickles

  16. That exit change is super confusing. But goes with the old saying, “bad drivers never miss an exit.”

  17. He signed a bill the act to try. It gives people with terminal diseases the option to try different drugs. #ALS community was thrilled. To date though, I don’t believe anyone has been able to access it 😔

  18. Takes about a 4 min drive out of Portland before you enter Trumpville and beyond. Only a couple of cities in Oregon that are blue. Oregon is rural and country as fuck outside of Portland, Eugene, and a select few others like Bend. State was founded on racism and it thrives still to this day. Mind boggling enough, we just barely avoided voting slavery back into this state not a few months back.

  19. “Flag Friday” every damn week in Oregon City off a major hwy. Just….ugh 😕

  20. That they step up. There is always a pivotal moment and then they become this amazing guy……

  21. My mom passed away from ALS this morning

  22. The folks who manage the cpap or bipap should be able to come out. Most often it’s a local branch (like Lincare) to help adjust and get some care. You may also look into Home Health to help close the wound. (Most insurance pays for it at 100%)

  23. When my mom was dying of ALS, one of the hospice organizations working with us prescribed morphine.......as much as we "needed." wink wink I am in a state with legal medical suicide but there's a lot of red tape. She would have been gone before we went through all that.

  24. My mom is in the last stages of ALS. We just got prescribed morphine for air hunger. F$&$ ALS.

  25. Check out team Gleason. They make “one last times” come true.

  26. Has anyone with ALS had stem cell therapy

  27. The Mayo Clinic just finished a trial as did Harvard with stem cells. The “stem cell therapy” you can get at many clinics claim to help a variety of diseases. Frankly, based on the results and research I’ve done it’s a scam. Or, “placebo affect”. The problem is that with ALS you need to have a way to get the stem cells to the brain stem, which is basically impossible. The trials tried and there has not been any screaming news of good things, even from patients who were in trial. Sadly, I know of several patients from the Mayo trial who have since passed.

  28. Yes, my mom has bulbar ALS. So she lost her speech and ability to swallow. Then, she lost her strength in her left side. Her left side is now very weak and cold. Per the ALS team that is very common as the blood flow isn’t there d/t the loss of muscle movement.

  29. If you have a Facebook page there are a few groups who help move ALS equipment around. This would have been a blessing to our family last year as the ALS loan closer was too far away

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