1. It kinda does... Still has a lil bit of that OG funk, but not as much as the other Marathons I grew

  2. I'm running autos indoors and I have a closet i grow in. Inside the closet I have a tent and then I also have plants in the corner outside of the tent. I am putting the male outside of the tent in a cardboard box with coffee filters under each site where it will drop pollen. I am really hoping it does this quite quickly. I am told it should all happen before day 40 from seed. Then I will put the pollen in vials and probably cut it with something to expand the amount. Then carefully pollinate lower branches of another plant. I really hope I don't pollinate my whole grow lol

  3. I will have to look up the coffee filter technique. I was thinking stripping part of the plant and making an envelope around pollen sites.

  4. I was told muffin or cupcake liners work well also. Good luck to you. Enjoy!

  5. First grow so don’t have anything to compare. I’m happy with the finish. I did miss five days of watering due to pump failing on vacation. Otherwise no complaints.

  6. Thank you! Excited to dry and get the next two going. Going to grow Sour Apple and Mint Jelly both by HSC.

  7. That's awesome. I honestly don't see a whole lot of people growing HSC autos. Mainly I only see their photos. I was really interested in their Kushychem and Blue Hindu. What size seed packs did you buy from them and from where? I always see they have such large packs that are pricey

  8. I'm not saying you have to because people get offended. But I am saying the assortment of flower is endless when you grow it. Even if you start to get bored there is always something cooking in the tent.

  9. Btw I’ve been using this grow setup for over a year without a problem but I plugged in a extra oscillating fan into the same outlet as the lights and this happened 🤦‍♂️

  10. That's wild dood. Good catch though! Stay vigilant.

  11. dude i’ve scrolled through your past comments and literally can count over 20 comments on the same posts like seriously it seems like you have SO MUCH time on your hands and so little support for them like either go work and be a “clerk” as you say if you’re so worried about the prices or shut the fuck up if you’re not going to be supportive of the movement. tired of seeing your trash ass posts like seriously bro maybe get some other hobbies…

  12. It is just messed up how people wish a worse quality of life on others at the risk of them not having it better.

  13. I don't see many post that make me laugh and cry at the same time.

  14. How is it all in one if theres no potassium? -serious question

  15. I have the same question. I was looking at this stuff

  16. These should be interesting. Can't wait to see them all flowered up

  17. If you actually have insomnia try valerian root and CBD along with your weed. Most definitely fixed my problem.

  18. It's all about the quality. Sure you can still get some type of high if you chop early. A lot of the times it comes with a head ache. But why do that when you can get the full effect with a nicely rounded high. When you let the plant finish you get the most out of the effects and the yield. And you learn patience for grows to come.

  19. I’ve been pretty happy with the flower from laughing gas.

  20. Around 4am yesterday and the night before, a batman toy in my 5 year old sons bedroom said "prepare for destruction" or something similar, and ive been creeped tf out, now l see this post 😕

  21. You should tie that batman toy down to a chair and start taking off finger nails until you get answers.

  22. Nice. A shirt I have not seen posted a million times. This is a good one

  23. Ya know what. I just looked up Terp Tea and I guess you can just use that if you would like

  24. Yes. Read the directions. Most likely needs to eat multiple times a week.

  25. The best way to fix this is by sticking a light bulb up your own butt.

  26. Maybe start putting belief in yourself instead of some silly goddess. It is you. You are doing this

  27. You have no pics but I bet they are just different phenos

  28. Can't see the trichs at all but looks close to done.

  29. Trying to see if I can induce the plant to eat up its starch reserves before I chop her down. I took away most of her stores (fan leaves) and her other energy source (light) and nutrient input (feeding water + florakleen), so she has no option but to take apart chlorophyll for her Mg and to eat up whatever is left internally.

  30. Also it keeping the plants in complete darkness for the last 24-48 hrs is said to shock the plant into producing more THC

  31. Most definitely complete bro science though. I have tried this with a handful of plants and they do better with more light actually

  32. I have photos from this breeder. Greenhand genetics

  33. You put yourself at risk by even saying that word lol here come the ban bots

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