[Official] USMNT advance out of Group B.

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  1. Some companies don't drug test until after you've started

  2. Is it a gas dryer or electric dryer? Sounds like your 240V power is kaput

  3. It depends on the terms. Companies pay $$$ to recruit at Tech. If they want to bring you in for repeated semesters then its probably any combination of these reasons

  4. The new Ducktales is excellent. Better than the original.

  5. No, you don't need to play it in order. Miles Morales has some quality of life improvements over the original, but the original (with all its DLC) is longer and more challenging overall.

  6. But tactical fouls are deliberate and not well-meaning accidents. Look at Kellyn Acosta's foul against Gareth Bale earlier in the WC. Bale was about to shoot (capitalizing on a mistake by Matt Turner, who was way out of position) and Acosta deliberately fouled him to prevent that from happening. He got a yellow card and moved on, which is the prescribed punishment in the laws. Black and white decision for the referee, and it happens all the time. And I'm asking why that is any different from a handball in the box? Virtually any professional would have done exactly what Acosta did, in fact if he didn't commit the foul it would have been seen as a mistake.

  7. What is your point that you are trying to make here? That all rule breaking actions are equal for the simple fact that they break the rules?

  8. Pulling a guy down before he can shoot is also antithetical to the premise of soccer? In fact, it's sometimes a red card-worthy offense. And it happens all the time. I don't understand why this is so egregious to you when tactical fouls in which players deliberately violate the laws in order to gain an advantage happen all the time. And this isn't the only sport where that is true!

  9. Pulling a guy down before he can shoot is also antithetical to the premise of soccer?

  10. Of course it's this sub lmao. None of the posts inside is next fucking level at all.

  11. Put a harmonica in your mouth. Then those kids will say "Hey, do you hear those awesome train licks?"

  12. You have a good shot with semiconductors. If you learn Korean or Japanese you have a great shot at being a valuable asset to international companies like Hitachi, Samsung, Tokyo electron, dns screen, etc. It could be you get sent over there alot or they have you there on a expat assignment.

  13. Mmm, nope. I speak Japanese and Mandarin. I can read hangul phonetically, but don't speak Korean. No semiconductor companies have ever come beating down my door.

  14. Hey, do you mind expanding on what Megan has done? Could you please give examples? I'm asking cause I honestly don't get the hate. She wasn't treated as black because it literally came as a suprise to loads of people that she was even black so how is saying that wrong? She clearly recognised her privilege being white passing. Why is that extra? I'm genuinely trying to understand what Megan had done to get all this hate.

  15. Hmm, how to describe. I believe a clinical description would be that she forgot to check herself before she wrecked herself.

  16. When I lived in England I had this same type of exchange. I was asked by my roommate “What type of black are you?” In this same prodding way with the same type of confusion and then anger on my part. I’m like “American” because I really couldn’t process beyond that what she was asking me.

  17. The proper response would have been "Why don't you tell me what kind of wanker you are first?"

  18. Very good argument. People shouldn't shovel their driveway because of the potential of being one of the several people per year who suffer a stroke whilst doing it.

  19. You're putting words into my mouth. The point is that there are valid reasons for some people to not shovel snow in their driveways.

  20. There are valid reasons to almost everything we do, how does such an argument contribute to the discussion in general? Heated driveways are, in general, an excessive commodity that only the rich can afford. I would bet good money that the majority of households with heated driveways do it solely for the convenience (hence lazy) rather than because they are elderly, handicapped or because they are afraid of a potential stroke.

  21. You asked a rhetorical question that didn't address the comment you were responding to. Classic example of a bad faith response. I shouldn't even be writing this.

  22. That is called a straw man logical fallacy

  23. What is there to turn around? Everyone's situation is different but being turned down for a second date usually means that the person is not interested in you or in putting forth the effort.

  24. Tip 1: Definitely learn python. A second programming language will help augment your skills

  25. I can't agree. Anything north of $300 isn't a good deal for a used chair, IMO.

  26. You can absolutely purchase replacement parts and fix it up. With a little TLC you should be able to get plenty of years out of it!

  27. Do you guys sell replacement gas cylinder levers? The lever is missing from one of my Leap chairs (the V1, though its probably the same as the V2)

  28. Depends on what kind of router you have. You could redirect all his traffic to yahoo or something or you could just limit his throughput to 14.4 modem speeds

  29. Visited Pilatus once in the spring. Took the Gondola up. The fact that you're describing it as a hike and not a climb had me concerned immediately.

  30. Portugal hasn't looked all that great. I think South Korea can pull off a win there

  31. as it stands, the USA is likely to be one of, if not the team with the least goals scored (2) to qualify for round of 16

  32. I’ve read that the lower areas of Miami are already flooding every year. Apparently rich people are buying up land in what was once the poor part of town because it’s at a higher elevation. When rich people start doing self-preservation stuff like that, you know shit is going down.

  33. Yes. The highest points in Miami are almost 25 ft. above sea level. Lol.

  34. How do you say "It's coming home" in American English?

  35. This is just a practice for 2024. They will be sued, will certify, and learn what to differently next time or what to change by 2024 to make it easier.

  36. yep. They are trying to figure out how to not get certain counties tallied in the results. Makes sense to start with a county that they essentially control

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