1. Not a Redblacks fan but tough not to cheer for Bob Dyce. All around great dude and hopefully he does well!!

  2. Travis Kelce will also tweet / re-tweet Collaros related posts which is cool to see!

  3. There was a lot of blow back after this play from fans but you have to remember the bombers won a grey cup using similar plays in 2019 with their then backup throwing a TD. Prukop also ran two in for scores In the game so tough to criticize him to much

  4. There was a whole lot of momentum surrounding that pre-Covid but unfortunately the pandemic put a screeching halt to that. I doubt we’ll be seeing an Atlantic team anytime soon which is a major bummer

  5. https://twitter.com/tsn_pr/status/1594821805587537921?s=46&t=4Fv3kx6LkHaOU1MsykUsFw

  6. I love Winnipeg -4.5 ( I bought in -4 ). Cold weather game at home for them. They’ve been a buzz saw all season. They’re coming in rested and relatively healthy for this time in the season. BC has some key injuries and although I would love to see wonder boy light them up he was limping pretty heavily end of last week and I can’t think of a worse place to play with a healing broken foot than freezing cold Winnipeg in November against that defence.

  7. Riders Oline should’ve been defensive player of the year nominee for all the sacks they contributed

  8. I agree. That’s one thing US college football does that I really like is that always have slick new unis. You can say all you want about games not being a fashion show but the younger generation eats that kind of thing up

  9. Definitely a real tough season for the squad. Shoutout to Sankey for being a bright spot on and off the field though this season!

  10. It makes me physically uncomfortable to watch this team “play”

  11. Hahah very real rider account - accepting the inevitable at this point 💀

  12. Just booked my flight to Regina for the grey cup today. 3peat inbound

  13. Bo for Duke right now. Who says no

  14. All just to take two sacks and miss a field goal

  15. I think this stomach bug might have been contagious through the TV. I was sick to my stomach trying to sit through that one...

  16. Man, Hickson was shredding them all day. Why is Maas having Cody throw at the end of the game already In scoring position. FFS

  17. This x100. I’m an Eastern BC based rider fan and always head out to Calgary for the riders at stamps which for years has been late October. I’m still going either way but makes it tough to convince non cfl fans to come when the weather is that cool

  18. I can’t think of many things that make me more uncomfortable than watching out dogshit offence

  19. One of the few bright spots this year on offence. Heal up quick!!

  20. I totally agree with everyone saying the crossover is a tough slog and it's a fact that no crossover team has ever made the Cup. I also agree that regardless of that the crossover would be a far easier journey than battling the likes of BC, Winnipeg or Calgary to make it through the west as a Riders fan.

  21. Always hate to see a guy go out that way. Here's to hoping that he heals up and doesn't experience any long term effects in retirement.

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