1. tolerate too much shit from someone i loved

  2. There's something about a high ponytail on a beautiful woman

  3. I had to go to high school with someone who was secretly the half brother of one of my cousins and I was NEVER ALLOWED TO TELL HER. I hated it and I wish I had told her to this day :(

  4. Wow that’s a lot of pressure for someone so young.

  5. One of my users and his wife are swingers >.> He accidentally made the mistake of sending some private videos to his personal work email, video formats are blocked by a policy and require admin approval to release. Upon investigating, I accidentally saw way more of them than I ever wanted to...and no, not good. I am in my 40s and they are both old enough to be my parents...not enough eye bleach in the world for that. He never got his email, just assumed it was too big for his mailbox...yes, I am resisting making the obvious joke there too :P

  6. I tell them that this is the 40th time I’ve had to verify my ID 🫠I’m also showered with random compliments. I wore a pastel green dress once and the Clear guy made it clear “pistachio” was the color for me 😂

  7. It’s a brilliant greeting from a psychological perspective for just that reason. Welcome would be perfectly acceptable but welcome back makes me feel comfortable and at home.

  8. I wish when we arrive back in the US the customs officer would say this - Welcome back

  9. How much do you weigh? I'm just getting into it and I'm about to order my first Baratza Encore Grinder

  10. When I travel, I carry 3 phones, 2 laptops, an iPad, and my DSLR camera everywhere I go. You get used to it.

  11. Do you have 3 backpacks too? Lol

  12. Keep a story list and save it on your favourite note-taking app. I break them up into business and personal stories. A good story has a challenge, what you did to overcome it or not and the moral of the story.

  13. Excellent breakdown. Thanks for responding

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