1. I’m not on meds and this happened to me after an episode. It took me a long time to come back I just felt spaced

  2. Hi. When did you has your episode? Its completly normal to feel like this. It will take some time. Relax and keep it blank.

  3. my first episode was December of 2021 does it get better? will i be able to communicate again?

  4. how long has it been?6 months for me.. still nothing has changed

  5. What a fucking stupid comeback! Typing laughs just to pretend that he's not affected when he clearly is. Then why the fuck are you responding to this post of mine if you clearly aren't affected?!! YOU FUCKING DUMBASS AMERICAN FUCK!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!


  7. haldol + keto made me lose weight. Some AP’s are weight neutral like haldol, ziprasidone, latuda

  8. damn i guess its a hit or miss with genetic makeup or something. ive read it completely kills the high from some other peeps

  9. I find 2mg of risperidone to negate the effects of moderate doses of methamphetamine and 4mg to negate the effects of high doses of methamphetamine. Redosing gradually starts working again after about 12-24 hours.I haven't tried it with other stims or other antipsychotics.

  10. redosing your g or antipsychotic? does it completely negate all affects?

  11. DSM 5 says you need to have one of the above (hallucinations, delusions, disorganized thinking,) with negative symptoms lasting 6 months to be diagnosed

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