1. It’s good! I only go for shows, I live in NC. Always busy down there

  2. i’m also from NC going to the atlanta show. shits about to be nutsss

  3. yeah, made sure to be awake and on time to presale yesterday for atlanta cuz i already knew all the shit that happened today was gonna happen

  4. the livenation app was trippin out for me this morning. i was able to get an atlanta ticket though finally. hope everyone that wasn’t able to get them today can get them tomorrow

  5. and everything before sounds more like a random album title track!

  6. heard it live at the rogers centre in toronto on the meowingtons hax tour 2011

  7. hey man! long time fan. saw you tearing it up in DC a few weeks ago with eddie. i still feel the holes that the bass left in my ears! i also saw you in atlanta last year and it was dope af seeing you both times!

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