1. they released the Turbo heads recently, it's a huge step up. Shame it took so long though.

  2. That thing is gonna ring and swing like PRS steel when someone shoots at your vag

  3. Both plates are ceramic and have a Kevlar backer behind them.

  4. You could probably hit my feet pretty easily. They're huge.

  5. No he is Ukrainian in Ukraine. Deployed probably wasn't correct word as he was rather drafted. He previously served as a mortar technician (now in his early 40s). I'm Ukrainian living in US for 20 years trying to buy ideally an American made product in U.S. to ship to Ukraine (for shipment I have resources)

  6. re-called to active duty? Heard they've been doing quite a bit of that as equipment becomes available but no general conscription due to a lack of gear

  7. I read the review from a US SOF dude that said he preferred the Elcan Spectre cause unlike the eotech it is far more reliable. He specifically stated that when it rained, water would get between the magnifier and the eotech and he got tired of having to clean it non stop just to look down his sights. Spectre is all internal it a simple lever for magnification

  8. Rain should not effect the Eotech in any way... and yes in the summer months it rains here on a daily basis.

  9. Understood that, was thinking early adoption of the knee pads and pockets well before the army’s combat pants but after the G series of crye pants

  10. I have a pair of pants just like this. Team soldier OEF-CP with knee pads.

  11. I wish I could find an actual reason to use those NAPE pads, I have a pair with the kevlar inserts and in order to use it I'd either have to wear it externally or remove the OCC-dial on my helmet and use the original H-nape suspension.

  12. Have to echo the earlier post, this made my day. We are currently in a situation with our dog, she jumped off the couch while her hind legs were asleep and dislocated her hip. We are taking her to the vet next week.

  13. Have a merry Christmas and may your pup recover

  14. I was just recently thinking about your original post. Thank you for following up, this made my morning. Merry Christmas!

  15. I despise the Taliban but its just funny that they drew a line at this. Wheras grouos morally superior in every other way didn't

  16. Taliban practiced bach bazi in the past. Just because it became part of the urban myth of "based taliban" doesn't mean it's true.

  17. An once again you are arguing a point I never made, you are just completely strawmanning my position in an attempt to appear intelligent. I never claimed they were based. I pointed out that the Taliban of all people in Afghanistan banned Bachi Bazi, meanwhile the most progressive and morally superior groups were the ones who actively took part in it.

  18. I never strawmanned your post, I just didn't understand it.

  19. Ive laughed at you before for hating holosun, I almost threw that in there just for you but I figure I have farmed enough seethe from you on that one.

  20. Wait if that doesnt show how tf does night vision even work

  21. His night vision tube works fine. The reason he can't see the "image" is because it's not NIR compliant. The same thing happens with chinese knock-off camo patterns, the thread is the cheapest possible thing they could find. When viewed under active (or sometimes passive) night vision, the pattern disappears and the thread appears to glow.

  22. local man finds out his daki isn't NIR compliant

  23. Word on the street is that these are actually very susceptible to breaking. Saw a ton of reports from multiple people around here about it.

  24. No issues with breaking. I am told that the microphone is rather fragile so I've removed it when not using comms.

  25. I agree about battery life. Batteries are cheap and you can have them in 2 days max from Amazon or same day from Sams lol.

  26. It drives me crazy when people discuss battery life as a deciding factor when I KNOW that

  27. How rugged is the exps3-0? I have been an aimpoint man forever. I have a COMP M2 that looks like it was shot with birdshot and still runs like the day it was new.

  28. both are MIL-STD-810 certified and issued optics.

  29. I agree that the armor is too good for its BR range but the ammo has major problems. I don't mean the usual HEAT issues, I mean the round hitting *something* intangible before it hits the tank's armor and turning a coaxial MG yellow

  30. I'm not sure what your point is, Leupold glass is made overseas. Plenty of US optics historically have as the best glass is made in Japan

  31. Hungarians in early ME deploymdnts duct taped chinese gift shop flashlights to refles, used airsoft plastic handguards and foregrips. Airsoft crap combat proven?

  32. The amount of people that act like this dude is Jesus reincarnate for saying literally the most obvious shit is insane. It's weird and depressing to see people worship him with a fervor

  33. It's also pretty insane how people treat him for saying what would be considered to be pretty lolbert things.

  34. I'm not online enough to know what lolbert means so I'm gonna assume it's a new sexual identity that doesn't actually mean anything

  35. why is it assumed that I'm lone wolfing? Why is it assumed that all of my neighbors come pre-trained (they are clearly not in this instance) and with equipment (they clearly do not in this instance).

  36. >rapid firing of a bolt action rifle commences

  37. >bro let's shit on autistic people because they have no self awareness

  38. I'm assuming you have played through every last bit of vanilla content, including the main campaigns, Sahara DLC scenario, Old Man, etc?

  39. So I'm guessing you haven't played ArmA 3 yet

  40. >using "y'all" on the internet unironically

  41. I am a pilot IRL and landing in Arma 3 is so fucking hard because the aircraft are insanely fragile.

  42. You mean in real life, helicopters don't explode if they have a slight sideways orientation upon landing?

  43. It's not bugged though, putting the agent in the van and escaping to the edge of the map completes the scenario, you just don't get a little bit of extra dialogue from samjo

  44. Didn't you say something about Tuva, a sea mine and submersible? Sounds like an entire quest that gets skipped.

  45. It's not a quest, really, it's a "go here if you want a way off the island" which doesn't matter because there are a million boats in the Georgetown harbor alone

  46. You haven't lived until you finish Bingo Fuel max difficulty with no casualties.

  47. The one where you deliver the fuel truck to the insurgents and blow the HVT up yourself? Or is there an even more hidden ending?

  48. Nope, that's the one. I'm surprised by how many people know about it, there's only one youtube video on it.

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