1. Sounds like the Police could use a good Union and do some illegal strike action to make the government pay attention.

  2. I was just going to comment that I found the pattern pleasing. Having read the comments, I think that's probably best left unposted.

  3. A controller takes control of a thing, a manager manages many controllers.

  4. It’s not about right of way - there’s a specific set of wording in the rules of the road covering this circumstance. If you’ve already stopped before entering the roundabout then you explicitly need to yield to the pedestrian crossing in front of you - even without a zebra crossing. The last sentence here is also crucial. Basically it doesn’t matter if the pedestrian should not have right of way, if they start to cross that road a car should give way to them.

  5. Mama Murphy was too right, too many times to be guessing.

  6. How the fuck do you make her cunting chair, I go to and it doesn't let me nor explain why and I have the materials

  7. You can only make it at Sanctuary Hills, and it appears under it's own menu titled "SPECIAL" in your construction UI.

  8. I've done the coast to coast - a few years ago in October.

  9. And then they turn nasty. My favorite line from the one we went to was, "Don't you love your family?!?"

  10. "Yes, that's why I don't want to waste any money on your shitty timeshare!"

  11. Government code tip; you could make that more readable by writing out ~10 printf statements.

  12. And refuses to engage in any self-reflection and understanding of how it happened.

  13. It's a take on Pepper's ghost - an old theatre technique for projecting ghosts onto the stage:

  14. That’s pretty neat I didn’t even know that existed. I’m thinking about making one or something similar I just wasn’t quite sure how it worked. I’ll have to look more into it since it seems the two prisms are different from each other.

  15. Why workbench looks the same, just covered in custom Nerf blasters.

  16. The rich get richer... Won't stop me camping where I want to go though, set up late and leave early etc.

  17. If anything it's made me all the more certain to wild camp on Dartmoor this year. It's been on my todo list for years (I'm up North - it's a bit off my usual tracks).

  18. Ha! That's just what the pan-dimensional mega-beings who are really in control WANT you to think!

  19. Most folks, when asked "What's the problem?" will reply with something like "This button should be red!" or "I need a button that switches the lights on".

  20. Please explain how besides digging the well, opening things or carving something to hold or transport water?

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