This man rescued a hedgehog stuck in mud

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  1. Haha, glad you do! I tend to go into these colours in most of my shots because I really just adore odd colours in nature.

  2. Forgive me not taking the time to look at the rest of your comments, but is this natural colors or slightly edited? If edited what did you do specifically?/refer me to another comment you already made

  3. That was a joke, don’t wear sunglasses at night. Also no UV from that flashlight.

  4. You don’t need UV to get retina spots

  5. Ah, the (troublesome things not related to hyperphantasia)… I had a psych eval a few years back. I wasn’t diagnosed, but my psychiatrist said he thought I had schizoaffective disorder. I do suffer from occasional paranoid delusions and minor auditory hallucinations, but I thought nothing of it since it wasn’t an official diagnosis. My experience turned that shit up to 11. Didn’t know weed would do all that. I just remembered trying it as a dumb kid and giggling a bunch.

  6. Yeah I mean you might have it if you’re relating to me, but I’m not qualified to decide that

  7. Did the voices help you achieve hyperphantasia? Mine did. They gave me these psychic things like memory modules which allowed me to visualize memory well.

  8. I have literally never heard voices

  9. Mako kinda bores me if we’re talking main cast

  10. "What is this? I almost ran him over." Then he started talking to him " What happened to you? Stuck in mud! Hahahaha wait I want to laugh a little bit." Then he started explaining what he is seeing to the person he was taking the video for. " oh sweetheart wait I will get you out, wait do not bite me" After struggling to get him " in God's name he is really stuck, wait, wait, wait, slowly, slowly". After he got him out "he became labnah (it is mud and other stuff that are used in buildings in the past, kinda like bricks)" "I swear I was driving and calling, Abu Abdallah when I was calling you I almost turned him to soup or shattered pumpkin, look at him, he is suffering, he became a turtle. Let me take him away from road" Then he wanted to clean him "let me wash you, wait wait wait. Wait let me wash you. You became labnah, too much mud. He started to breath yes yes , wait. Thank God I noticed you and focused on the road or you would have been in a different situation. You are my heart, look at his nose, the black lemon appeared. Yes take a shower, how long since you took the last shower? Look at the mud!" Then the video ends.

  11. Your translation is fantastic thank you

  12. To me a cartoon is just an English animation and anime is a Japanese animation

  13. It seems like the thing in front of her and the thing behind her created a small cavity where she wasn’t impacted- that’s lucky

  14. They’re alright but I can’t walk on them

  15. They elevator didn’t seem to stop moving at all wtf

  16. Acquired new interest: makeup restoration videos

  17. Me cleaning the bottom of the grinder

  18. Thanks I didn’t actually know that was a thing

  19. Now moving your ears is probably impossible but come on I know having hyperpantasia is not

  20. ….some people can physically move their ears, that’s not really up for debate

  21. That’s how all of us got it, yeah

  22. I love whoever made those perfectly aligned tire marks and if it’s fake idc

  23. Really? For once this looks like exactly 50 feet to me

  24. Love how they look at it after like “is that a threat?”

  25. …i don’t know what to say as a compliment to actually convey the feeling I’ve got

  26. Refer to our handy checklist I think it’s pinned

  27. The stories those things could tell if only we could read the compacted data and not die in the process

  28. “FINALLY something to DO” is one of my favorite line deliveries it’s perfect

  29. That’s the whole point of saying “change my mind” they don’t actually want you to

  30. Hurley has been poor his whole life. I’ll bet it never even occurred to him.

  31. Hell it never occurred to me for that reason

  32. Wow, I didn’t realize earth revolved around you

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