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  1. Has a bearing on the difficulty to get to the final though, and as a league 2 club, a final is very very impressive in real life…

  2. So polite and soft. Mine just attacks 😂

  3. “The reptile reserve” in Upminster, essex had a female that was going to be put up for sale in the next couple weeks last time I was in there a couple weeks ago. Worth giving them a call

  4. Not soon at all. After mid 2023 for sure

  5. Just go for it and if she hurts you, it will be worth it because you’re holding a bloody snake which is awesome 😂 but more than likely just bluff strikes, don’t let her win at this point haha

  6. This is one of the best things I’ve ever watched

  7. We must have at least 1 loan slot, because Arter has gone back to Forrest.

  8. Our only loaned players are Lee and Famewo if I’m not mistaken. So that’s like 3 available right there

  9. Their eyes are sensitive to light, and it's uncomfortable for them. Also may startle them and then you have a gecko on your ceiling.

  10. They can indeed ingest too much calcium, and it’ll appear as air sacks on their sides under their arms. When those appear, cut off or limit the calcium until they disappear. Unless it’s super long term, I don’t think a little too much can do very much harm.

  11. You wrote this a year ago but thanks very much, helped a lot

  12. Met her in London - she’s even better in real life

  13. Seriously. I got my boa two bigger hides months ago. I kept the two really small ones that she was close to outgrowing in there too just to get her used to the new ones. Even to this day, she still uses the small hides like 90% of the time and will bury herself under the substrate to make herself "fit".

  14. One of the many reasons we love these wonderful noodles

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