T2: Weekend recap

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Institution ownership, according to Fintel, is closer to 80M. The reporting requirements have possibly skewed the numbers.

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  1. From investopedia, these one of the four conditions( I think it’s only one of these conditions has to be met) that must be met for short excempt:

  2. thank you, that clarifies this a bit more

  3. is that you, screaming "gamestop" in front of NYSE?

  4. i still believe that those borrows are not for shorting per se since they can naked short it without locating shares in the first place. These are probably used to cover FTDs. I wonder if they forced BofA to take the countertrade for swaps or if they struggle to find a counterparty for their shit sandwich...

  5. Let’s see if we see crazy volume on dOOMp this week

  6. maybe not on the doomps per se but as a clever ape pointed out: the SI could skyrocket if no one is taking the bad side of the swaps

  7. Thank you for sharing the guides with us 🙏🏼

  8. But what does your post have to do with GME AND those links you posted?

  9. well inderectly it has since bank liquidity/cash reserves are so dry that they claim retail account money to fake their books... the big deep breath before the thunder..

  10. when 1 share at the Floor price is enough, why not hold the rest?

  11. this guy here is technically correct. luv u <3

  12. looks like Ken's competition is rallying to see shitadel go under.

  13. I would like the sauce for research purposes please

  14. they played mario party, thank me later

  15. thank you! i know where i put some of my tendies into

  16. I feel not being able to sell quickly is an argument FOR DRSing, the odds of paper handing are much higher

  17. this is not true, your sell order on ComputerShare is handled quickly on the other hand buying takes 2-4days

  18. Exquisite! Even his profile picture is awesome

  19. my man! i always appreciate your bullish sentiment!

  20. what is a few billy compared to few trilly?

  21. Maybe, I'm not a big fan of BBBY personally, I think it is a crap company. If RC wants to buy Buy Buy Baby out of it during chapter 11 that could be ok. He'll do whatever he thinks is best, but BBBY stores are overpriced and poor service. It would take a lot to revamp that brand.

  22. the brand itself yes, but the stores and warehouses could be valuable

  23. Yeah, the question is can he buy all of it for less than the debt they are carrying. I wouldn't want GME to nuke their war chest settling BBBY's massive debt load.

  24. maybe there isnt a takeover at all. just speculation

  25. Is it possible that some of the institutional ownerships are like a hedgefunds DRS? Like a back up plan to unload later? Nothing can stop the eventually locking up of GME, but could this just be another delaying/fud and survive another day tactic?

  26. he is poiting out that the numbers for institutions were not up to date thats all. and now that he gave us the new numbers according to the 13F filings there are only 49mio left as free float

  27. it's about to go boom boom pow watattatatatatatata pew pew titiw titiw katugshhhhhhhhhh fakyowza fakyowza wapapapapaw

  28. couldnt have said it better, thanks

  29. But then how will I DCA my shares twice a month and fill my ♾️🏊‍♀️?!?

  30. you have to add dates and click manually but wont go through the hassle to switch your plan to book shares.

  31. wow... that was a positive article..something is fishy

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