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  1. 1st Depression: Kids farm for money

  2. I've heard and seen the word recession so much that I think I'm numb to it anymore.

  3. Depression is literally the boogeyman word. Haven’t seen it used anywhere yet, but “deep recession” is becoming more common. You know what the technical name for a deep recession is? A DEPRESSION

  4. Meaning you should reasonably have close to $21,000 of disposable income every year if you’re thinking about starting a family

  5. Extension is Bullish. It means they are still trying to get the Highest offer in. If no extension, it means the best offer is in and we will find out who the Horse is by 5 pm tomorrow.

  6. One thing is fact after this long. If BBBY can extend a deadline, you better believe they’re extending the deadline.

  7. I wonder if Pulte is baiting them as he’s more than likely not involved at all but is a public figure heavily representing himself with BBBY and niche subs. If he gets a FUD campaign I’ll have even zeroer doubt everything is all one big facade

  8. Harvard still uses legacy admission on at least 35% of their students. Meaning, children of families that already attended there.

  9. These marxist propaganda marketing people are all liars.

  10. Did people forget about Charles Gasparino? That guy was an even bigger clown than Cramer before he tucked his tail between his legs

  11. Are you basing your ‘hunch’ on anything confirmable, or is it just complete tinfoil?

  12. It would certainly be difficult to replicate the gamma ramp that caused the sneeze. I’m talking about much more general and basic strategies though. For example, every time we start hitting the dorito, I load up on puts, about 21dte, and I’ve been cleaning up doing this. I’ve booked an additional 45 shares just from doing that the last 3 times, if it plays out the same way this time, I’ll book another 20 at least. And if my puts finally get vaporized, my shares are moassing, so who gives a shit? The beauty is that I profit on yhe way down, ans then my brokerage account is loaded up with cash to buy the dip and it keeps my cost basis low.

  13. Gensler said, “We should always be vigorously enforcing our laws and ensuring that there's not fraud and manipulation, but again, we all have a free speech right to go and say to a neighbor, whether it’s online or in person, I like this investment,” that’s a far cry in my book from “every time we hit the Dorito, I load up on puts, 21DTE” I did take that as the advice you were suggesting so that’s my bad. But that’s some fast n loose comprehension if you think Gary saying that we’re allowed to discuss the stocks we like is the same as mass coordinating on well known strategies to force price action. I don’t see how this sub could effectively “all be profiting on the dips too” without a post at the top of hot basically saying “dorito got hit, everyone load up!!!” Seems a very easy way for someone important to get upset and have Reddit shut us down.

  14. The fuck do you think happened in January’21? What do you think happens on literally every post on the og sub for the last 5 years? Why are you chasing after me screaming ‘stop manipulating the market’? Why do you think i’m trying to force price action, do you not understand cause and effect? I’m trying to profit, that’s it. You keep going straight to ‘reddits gonna shut us down’. Honest question: what the fuck? Are you that person, trying to shut me up?

  15. I got into this play by seeing a trader I followed in 2020 say he liked AMC and didn’t think it’d go out of business(Gensler approves), so I wasn’t exposed too much to the OG sub. But what little knowledge I did have of it and what it is now, the unmethodical nature of when they were buying into FOMO and running away with their gambling addiction still seems different than trading time sensitive information and communicating to a relentless group absolutely capable of moving the market to influence them into making similar options trade in the same time frame. Maybe the definition of manipulation has changed since I last saw, but that sure as hell sounds like it. And if that not market manipulation, what is? I can’t imagine that the law only applies to institutions. I’ve said my peace for why I’m on the anti-options side.

  16. The guy saying that companies shouldn't take a stand on social issues (that affect their customers).

  17. I’m not sure what he’s referring to with Target but I have a feeling it’s something to do with LGBTQ. Not a big fan of the picture RC has painted in his last few tweets but this one in particular is valid. Companies of this magnitude don’t care about social issues, they just need a PR campaign. It becomes painfully obvious when they misconstrue the analytics of their efforts to make it seem like they’re doing more than they really are. I’m in agreement here assuming he’s not implying anything else.

  18. It's just money; it's made up. Pieces of paper with pictures on it so we don't have to kill each other just to get something to eat.

  19. That quote was so stupid but I like to think it was intentional. Like Spacey caring more about his dog dying than mass layoffs. Characters in that movie did great at portraying their character but being subtly ironic

  20. In all fairness, if mass layoffs bother you more than your dog dying, that's not a good look either.

  21. He was the boss, those people being jobless ultimately was because of him. Id say those are at least equal in grief.

  22. JP Morgan will finally be one in the same with the FED soon. Jerome makes it, and Jamie takes it.

  23. So by using an emoji in a tweet you have deduced that both RC and Pulte are sending a secret message to go investigate something on their behalf?

  24. Genuinely can’t believe the people shooting this down. Are y’all that dense that you think the both of them are coincidentally showing their love for the panthers all of a sudden after 2 years of zero tweets even related to hockey?

  25. Get out of here with that logic. This is clearly a secret code we must uncover.

  26. I’ll absolutely agree that nobody knows what it means but you’d literally have to be closing your eyes and holding your ears to say this means nothing

  27. There sure are a lot of committees and commissions that nobody’s ever heard of and do nothing to prevent the tragedies they oversee day after day

  28. RC having led a revolution this long with just shitposts is one of the reasons I believe in this movement so much and know we’ll win

  29. We’d have to have capitalism first. We have a corporatist hellscape instead.


  31. Boards playing 9D chess with a lil AI built in up against a Bill Gates CD-ROM algorithm right now. I don’t think they’re advertising it yet for a reason. If someone else already owns it you can’t do what a board would naturally do or care about to increase profits short term

  32. In hindsight we shouldn’t have expected anything less than grandmaster chess level game planning with the allstar executive team they put together

  33. I expect a massive options trap again however this does feel a bit .... " different"

  34. I see no way we MOASS in this corrupt ass market. I think there will be an acquisition that GME is involved with somehow and the price won’t reflect the new value of the company and they’ll have a very straightforward excuse to say we’re taking our ticker elsewhere. SEC would have to be on board in that situation though which is unlikely

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