1. Pretty much just soap and water, nothing special. We are very heavy garlic and onion people so I think its just unavoidable but this really did the trick!

  2. When you don't know how to do it (or why, as it's your first time) character creation is a giant, confusing mess of a pain in the ass. I'd have a few characters ready made for new players to choose from and be ready to insert a DMPC for support if the party is missing it.

  3. WotC is full of shit, like always. We foiled them once, but I'm never coming back because now I know they will even if they haven't yet.

  4. Nope you were “compensated for your time”

  5. We paid all their development costs, then we bought the shot from them guaranteeing billions of doses would be sold, now they're taking it private and raising the price. That bandaid should say "you made us a lot of money".

  6. At this point if somehow DeSantis literally opened a concentration camp there would be plenty of public republican figures defending it as a wonderful institution and demonize democrats who speak out against it as being anti-American.

  7. I mean, we know he grooms children with booze and they still love him...

  8. Next time you come for me this hard we better be making a porno


  10. He was bragging. He felt like he did something worth bragging about.

  11. Am I the only one who thinks this woman was born a man?

  12. Weird question: if you built a dispenser trap to pepper him with arrows would you draw aggro?

  13. Pittsburgh has drive through strip clubs. My guess would be that almost anywhere that has a lot of truck traffic passing through does.

  14. Watch the video. Not for the beating itself, though that's horrific enough to merit significantly more of a reaction than it's gotten. Watch them congratulate one another on the murder they just committed. Watch how routine it is for these monsters. Realize that they believed they would get away with the most brutal, vile murder in the middle of the street and on camera. That they thought they could brag about it with impunity.

  15. Show of hands, did anyone actually believe chickens were herbivores and who told you that?

  16. Eating bee venom... Thag wouldn't affect you right? Stomach acid would break it down surely?

  17. Normally venom that has to be injected isn't really effective as an ingested toxin, you're right. Being said,

  18. If I remember correctly they’re already a level over what the AP assumes for the cemetery and scalathrax fight. That has more effect than the striking rune.

  19. He is allowed to in my state, but he can’t because I’m the only one that does what he wants so he isn’t going to. He would’ve done it through text by now.

  20. Fair enough. Irreplaceable and with nothing to lose, I hope you give them hell.

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