6 months ago someone asked me how I felt about Andrew Yang. I answered "I would quit my job for that man". Well, today I did. I finally worked up the courage to quit my absuive job today and am going use my savings to put full time efforts towards Yang. The energy of this campaign is real

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  1. Not worth it. Think of all the dominos you lined up to get here, and how this one flick would send them all crashing down.

  2. Truck drivers work 70 hours most weeks as well. Engineers and truckers unite!

  3. Yeah, I suppose at least I didn't really have any student debt to worry about for trucking unlike you smart people, haha.

  4. Honestly, it’s not so bad. Once you pay off your loans you can work as much or as little as you want. I work ten 12-14 hour shifts in a row and then take 2 weeks days off.

  5. Maybe I'm responding to the wrong person. If so, my bad.

  6. “The only thing that works for me is the one that starts with a D!”

  7. You didn't say the most worrisome, you said "actually worried about", implying we aren't worried about those who voice suicidal ideation. It sounds like you misspoke.

  8. Because there are a ton of immunities about negativity/mocking towards a certain type of People like

  9. Sometimes you need a break from all the bad news, people shitting on other people, and just want completely retarded trechuchet or garlic bread memes

  10. Lmao something about a guy just in the studio by himself yelling YO TURN THE BASE UP to himself and someone calling him out on it like nigga you in here by yourself go do that shit yourself is fucking hilarious. I laughed for a while on this comment.

  11. I remember too when my dad tried to kill me but opted to chop my dick off instead. Fun times.

  12. Yeah personally when MY dad tried to do that I didn’t like it as much. But each person has a different reaction to the classic childhood moment of your father trying to kill you but chopping your dick off instead I guess.

  13. It’s like pancakes. You have to eat 2 every single day of medical school. Now that sounds reasonable but the catch is if you miss a day you can’t just not eat yesterday’s pancake you’ll have to do it at some point. So if you miss a week you have 14 extra pancakes to shove down your throat which is too much.

  14. As soon as someone starts saying “so I’m 1/23rd....” I wish I could immediately tell them to stop

  15. Lol science is screwing us over with all these damn options nowadays

  16. We can genetically engineer your two sperms to form one super embryo! Has science gone too far? No, no it has not.

  17. I thought it meant "Yo look at me about to the throw the fuck outta this thing"

  18. Yes but it’s evolved past that now. OG is still yeetus that fucking fetus tho

  19. No wonder she got some random government job, can't cut it in the real world in the private sector with just puny chem and bio phds..

  20. Toradol works great for nephrolithiasis patients. Just don't give it if there's an active bleed

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