1. "stop trying to derail"= stop saying things i don't like and stop making logical arguments that undercut my irrational narrative

  2. We preach that concept “do you what you love/never work a day off in your life” I feel like I’ve spent 13 years working on passion projects that always lead to dead ends. Chasing that success holds you back from pursuing some of those basics in life all my friends have like kids and a house. Working nights at a grocery store and animating for an indie game all day, leaves me feeling burnt out and in the back of my head just feels so hopeless.

  3. No, that's not okay. Especially if you did nothing to provoke her contacting you. That's harassment.

  4. What bike are you intending to ride, on your comeback tour?

  5. Well..this isnt really a question of why this isnt considered a jump, but more of a technique of your jump. Yoyr jumps are whats called a dead sailor, whay you want to do is manuiplate your jump so that you are in control of your jumps instead of bike being in control. You want to compressed into a jump and stand up right as you leave the lip of the jump and sort of shift your body towards the rear while you push the handbar out or "anti-row" technique. Once you start practicing the proper technique, you gain confident, then you can start adding speed and more boost out of a jump, then, in my case, you'll crash again which will set you back until you practice more and re-gain confidence back and practice more...

  6. hmmmm Leelikesbikes jump video says not to do that and just do a jump like oymping a roller with more speed. he says standing up is how you get fucked up.

  7. “CDC admits misinformation not is actually misinformation, more at 5.”

  8. he didn't obtain clear enthusiastic affirmative consent....bad monkey. pleaae expel him from zoo.

  9. He could not know his name and still identify him. That's how identification works. God, this moron should never have been able to represent himself. Anything less than an adequate defense will get home an appeal or new trial.

  10. nope. fedcourts say he has const. right to act as his own lawyer. reversible error to force counsel on him

  11. an action is not discriminatory in the empliyment context unless there is a material adserse employment action involved.

  12. I just had anti-harrasment training last month at work, and they flat out stated that a man avoiding women so the man can stay of of trouble is harassment.

  13. pull up on pedals as you approach crest and slowly extend after the crest.

  14. you push at a slower rate once you get over the crest. so you should be standing up in the dip. You can only pump when crouched actually or to put it another way you need to crouch to extend down the backside.

  15. so I pounce/leap like a frog on the backside? Do I throw the front and THEN push with my lefs or are my legs initiating with the bike throw following?

  16. seen this happen in many orgs with an older dude and his younger boss. Old dude wants to do it the tried and trued way. Be patient. Old dude believes grinding alone gets it done. Young boss wants energy, movement, pizaaz, scmhoozing, and SELLING. Old guy just wants to deliver product. Finally comes to a head and when old guy's numbers go down. Old guy says he has weathered downturns before, . this too shall pass. Young boss needs the quarterly sales numbers up.... so, out goes old guy because young boss needs to do something to keep HIS job.

  17. stealth social credit...its not the government doing it, right?????

  18. As an ex catholic, I am more and more intruiged by Islam

  19. Well 0/4 ain't bad, plus I'm unvaccinated so they wouldn't be able to draft me anyway.

  20. i don't get the 'crush' thing either. when i was young, we 'liked' girls, maybe our parents would say we 'had crush on them' , but no one ever referred to somone as an object of obsession like that. its weird and unhealthy.

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