1. Just finished episode 4 "Hometown Cha Cha Cha" I'm loving it so far! This is my first kdrama in a really long time, it's great to be back.

  2. Light the beam my ass! Lakers babyy

  3. How are the lakers doing so far in the game?

  4. Idk if you can consider it "best" but I like Shabusen and Seoul Grill House.

  5. White Tesla, but I do see alot of the Rav 4


  7. Did 4 runs of 1490 rested all I got was 1 cube ticket.

  8. Me and my family don’t celebrate christmas so I can play lost ark in peace hehe maybe lesser disconnects when everyone is celebrating

  9. I don't celebrate Christmas as well, so lost ark time if I'm off from work.

  10. Ninkazu Richmond - 9pm. Don't order the chicken wings

  11. OP should, it's outta this world.

  12. Keep this man on the whole quarter!!! Reavesshow

  13. Warm shower and some food in me belly

  14. I saw a 10/6/0 rock earlier on a arcanist, I need yall to teach me

  15. I'm currently using a S10, if I were to switch phones which one would yall recommend? Thanks

  16. We survived that 3rd quarter scare bois.

  17. Thank you AD, Walker, and Reaves.

  18. Please keep this 5 on till the game is over

  19. When Russ is happy we're all happy

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