1. Feel that. My job has a badge in and out garage and we still get emails about another car theft every month or two the last year or so. It’s bad.

  2. I feel like parking on a higher level is more susceptible to break ins as there is typically less foot traffic or people to see them.

  3. That’s fair, didn’t think of it that way. Welp I guess my next instinct would be to park next to Kia’s or Hyundais 😬

  4. I have a friend who recently retired and has too much time on his hands, which translated into way more frequent texts. Mon- 'How was your weekend?', Wed- 'How is your week going?', Fri- 'How was your week?' interspersed with random texts, links to articles, etc. While I am sympathetic, I also don't have the time to respond to every single one of these so I started to only respond to direct questions and I wouldn't do it right away- waiting a few hours and then giving only a brief response. 'How was your weekend?', 'Fine, hope yours was'. It took a while, but he has started easing up.

  5. Thanks. I don’t mind a ton of messages from anyone who understands that it’s not text/dm etiquette to expect a real time response immediately.

  6. Yes, if this is something new, there might be something going on with the mother.

  7. Mines been sitting since that day too(different dist. center).

  8. Dunno but isn’t Texas getting kinda wrecked right now? Maybe turned away from a stop somewhere along the line bc of the ice storms?

  9. Nevermind. Just checked the co gov website and acceptance is delayed indefinitely since Jan 1st(when they usually accept returns). Turbotax didn’t relay that lol.

  10. I use Loop Engage while my 5 year old daughter chews grotesquely in my ear. It helps A LOT. I can still hear her talk, understand her and hold a conversation, but it takes my misophonia reaction from an 11 to a 4.

  11. This sounds very promising, thanks for the input! I read so many reviews and few of them mention specifically chewing; I didn’t know if they’d help for something like that or were just good for louder sounds.

  12. I use disposable silicone earplugs from Walgreens in lectures and if the teacher is loud enough or uses a microphone, I can still hear them pretty well while blocking out a lot of trigger noises. Might not be 100% effective if she’s right next to you but it would probably at least help a little.

  13. Thanks for the tip! No mic, small classroom 20 seats. I do better in the big lecture halls where there’s background noise or at least air circulation noise lol.

  14. I bet 5 bucks that some Catholics will call him "not a real Catholic"

  15. I was in catholic school for his first couple years lol, he covered not hating gay people AND global warming that first year 😂 I lived for it and man were they pissed.

  16. About the cost of a lawyer, could very well be nothing up front if it’s as clear cut as it sounds.

  17. Phlebotomists make around that in my state. Depends on location both how much they pay in your area and if they require certification or allow OTJ training.

  18. This is so reassuring!! I’m enjoying the school labs(as a break from studying mostly lol) but getting pretty nervous as clinicals starting this summer get close

  19. Like I feel like this just screws the kid’s only chance of escape. Literally can’t work without one. Maybe dependency is the goal idk 🤦‍♀️

  20. Like I’m not gonna shit on someone’s birthday cupcakes that employees bring in but I wish when my job supplied food they did it better.

  21. You don’t know? Really? Have you noticed the predominance of sports in the workplace? To the absence of everything else?

  22. So does “hobby meet” mean people together discussing sports?

  23. Have they actually brought it up later? That’s so absurd.

  24. Once like 6 years ago. Just some comment from his mother after mentioning how expensive everything has gotten, looking at me and saying “well I’m glad you ate well” with a laugh.

  25. Next time just pay for your stuff and get what you want and remind them of how they're too poor to afford the dish you want so you're paying yourself so you don't waste your time attending the restaurant.

  26. He does, he doesn’t choose to be around her very often anymore, that’s among the reasons. Once a year or less now.

  27. Just take the trip. It’s the memories you need, not the job. Go above your manager and ask whoever runs the program what exceptions can be made for you. Start looking for a new job now, and let interviewers know ahead of time you’re unavoidable in that date range.

  28. This, also want to add I have never had a problem when the interview gets to the point of discussing scheduling, with saying “this date to this date I will be out of town but totally available other than that.”

  29. I think it’s pretty old school to tell people to tough it out and get used to it, when there’s options. So if you have options(aka if you don’t need the income) yeah I’d say that sounds awful and go ahead and quit.

  30. I currently rely on my family who is in a financial bind. I tried to make some income to loosen some of that and support myself, but it seems I may have to just be patient and get a genuine job.

  31. If you just can’t stand it quit. The other option would be to use it for income while still looking for something better, but only you can decide if it’s worth it to you.

  32. In my state the limit is 8 hours, but in my home state there is no daily limit, just a weekly one and stricter breaks for longer shifts.

  33. I’m from London, UK and the government site says you can’t work for more than 8 hours but I don’t know whether that’s the law or just a guide

  34. Welp please excuse my american tendency to forget we’re not the center of the world lol(or roast me, only fair).

  35. I don’t see anyone else that addressed the December part. A lot of hiring processes go dark around the holidays; all it takes is one hiring manager or other link in the chain going on vacation.

  36. As long as they’re used on the person’s food that purchased them, whatever I guess. I see the benefit to someone in ED recovery.

  37. I do for myself but I find that I tend to be pretty forgiving opinion-wise about people around me vs myself.

  38. I think there’s a disconnect here on what ‘recruiter’ can mean. It’s not just the people reaching out on indeed for companies, every hospital I’ve worked at or interviewed for has recruiters reach out to applicants to screen before the hiring supervisor for the role gets involved, but they don’t troll like the indeed ones they screen people who have already applied(and handle other stuff the actual recruiter person here mentioned).

  39. Can someone tell me if there are spoilers in here? I just got off work and want to get mad about something else lol but I also wanna see the movie eventually

  40. There could be some slight spoilers depending on how much you know about the movie and/or play.

  41. Thanks, all I know is it stars a really good actor in a fat suit and people stay mad about it lol. Something about his relationship with a daughter maybe?

  42. Out of the way should be fine health and safety wise, for their personal taste it somewhat depends on location (the south or any rural area may be more old fashioned than a bigger city).

  43. Also, if it’s not like first thing tomorrow, you can always call and ask what they would like you to wear.

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