My daughter's bully married into our family.

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  1. I’ve heard of Jabba the Hutt but never knew what he looked like. Searched him up and bruh, I don’t think I could do it for an entire week

  2. Presuming I still have the memories from this current life, I'd never allow myself to be bullied. I'd stand up to anyone who tries to bully me, from day one.

  3. Bullying scars a person. It’s not something that leaves one very easily, if ever. I hope you are healing my friend. My friend had a friend in grade 7, he was picked on a lot, like a lot a lot. One day, these 2 guys who picked on him had chemistry class with him, they shoved a bunch of chemicals down his throat, killing him. He was only 12 years old. Nothing really happened to them as far as I know. #Fuckbullies.

  4. “I don’t need it (therapy). Been getting by without it. There’s no cure for life.” - Tony

  5. Relax. You’re only 30, you’re acting like you’re 100. Not to invalidate your experiences and feelings, but 30 is very young. I know what it means to be a people pleaser believe me. But now that you know where you went wrong, time to work on yourself. Go to therapy and find out where this desire to please people came from, work on dismantling it, and work on yourself in general. Apply for many jobs, save up some money, work on financial literacy, and try new things to see what passions you have. We all have a passion, it just takes the risk to explore to find out what that passion is. Only way is up from here.

  6. If I was in your position honestly speaking I would be BEYOND disappointed in my son for dating the girl that bullied my daughter, HIS SISTER, close to death. No chance would I ever forgive that. My goodness.

  7. Basic hygiene: Some people don't even wash their butt crack, and that's just nasty. Also, learning how to keep where you live clean. Cooking. These days, it's like we have stopped teaching our kids basic life skills.

  8. I haven’t laughed so hard at a comment in ages, it’s sad but it’s true! I also always wonder how people say “I don’t wash my legs in the shower, the soap runs down my legs!” 1. Yuck. 2. That means you don’t wash your feet? And indeed, cooking is something everyone should know, you don’t have to be Gordon Ramsay but knowing how to cook a simple dish does go a long way!

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