1. It's been in development for a couple of years, playing in Amsterdam and Edinburgh earlier this year. 4hrs long! This version in London is supposedly going to be about 3hr40.

  2. I think there's a connection at that point and the driver might have taken it too fast or it's not been fully aligned so they've skipped over the second track.

  3. Looks like it was coming from Deansgate to St Peters, right?

  4. I think most of them live on the m6!

  5. Could you please share some spoilers on how they pull off some of the special effects (Veruca in the Nut Room, Violet into a blueberry, etc.)? I would also be curious what the new songs for the kids are. :)

  6. Sure, spoilers ahead. Bear in mind this was opening night of previews so much stlll could change...

  7. Seeing it for the first time this Saturday!

  8. Let us know what you think.. Keen to know what changes through the week!

  9. That’s not “casually British“ - she didn’t apologise profusely 😆

  10. Nice fun plugins but I think the licenses are for one computer only which is a tad annoying.

  11. EULA says "Unless specifically agreed by Klevgränd, the license granted is a single user license and may only be used on one computer at a time."

  12. Shhhh! Don't tell everyone about our secret weapon! 😆

  13. But it'll be rolling around in there after any slight turn! The passenger seat secured with the seatbelt is the best way to ensure everything stays in the bag.

  14. Rear footwell solves this. One bag full, plonk it behind the drivers seat. Nothing moves.

  15. This is their official black Friday deal based on the end date. Whether they run a special or not on something specific for Black Friday i couldn't say for sure. If I had to guess, maybe one last push on the plugins they are discontinuing as a really cheap bundle because why not sell 10,000 copies for $1 despite dropping support for them all.

  16. Word is a special low level bundle will emerge but that’s about it.

  17. If I could upgrade the DuneCM version I'm still rocking, I would but an outright purchase is just a bit much for me considering its age and the use it gets.

  18. The problem is to function as a theatre again it would require millions of pounds of investment. HOME (MCR) were going to move there (from the Cornerhouse) but it worked out more cost effective to build a purpose built building from scratch in their current location than to go about the refurbishment of TR.

  19. Depends on the stipulation of the listing as to what can and can’t be developed/removed.

  20. Keep reading, I think you'll change your mind on the theory with the conclusion.


  22. a cafetiere is six quid you could just throw it away afterwards

  23. That’s gonna get expensive quickly if your drinking coffee in work and throwing away a cafetière after every round of brews…

  24. That’s gonna get expensive quickly if your drinking coffee in work and throwing away a cafetière after every round of brews…

  25. Title seems to imply Manchester's Christmas Market is good, which I'd question.

  26. I might try butter next time. Think i let the oil get a bit too hot with seasoning last time so burnt it a little.

  27. I don’t have a microwave. Never seen the point, rather cook properly.

  28. Ooooo yay. A post that doesn’t just go in some “torture porn” rant.

  29. Anyone with the Effect Rack know what the upgrade offer to the full 5 bundle in the account is?

  30. Effect Rack doesn't give you an upgrade offer to the full bundle. At least not if bought with a discount. I've never gotten an upgrade offer to the full bundle, but I paid $83 for it ($99 + a store discount code)

  31. That’s a serious deal you got there!

  32. Is this website legit or a scam?

  33. Legit. Just like every other re-seller; Plugin Boutique, JRR, etc.

  34. Off - ATD / Sound Designer / Projection Designer / FOH mixer

  35. The name gives it away really haha. Nice.

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