1. Does she not own any other leggings besides those black leopard things 🤦‍♀️

  2. I get it I don't have a personal relationship with Trisha so it's easy for me just to hate her but I understand missing aspects of your abuser my ex wasn't always a utter prick to me we had some great time's despite the abuse the same with my narcissist mum I love her good side who loves and cares for me I know deep down its bullshit doesn't mean I don't miss it and I think Ethan misses the good side of their friendship they had good chemistry.

  3. This is the perspective a lot of these comments are missing. Yes, you’re dealing with a narcissistic abuser, but of course it doesn’t appear that way at first. They mask, being the model bf/gf/friend, and slowly, their behavior intensifies as they find the ways to lower your self-esteem and feed off of you. During this transition you might not even feel upset with them or angry at their actions. You may still have those small glimmers of hope in brief moments. You love them and accept them so you want to help in any way you can. One of the only endings of a relationship with a narc is how Trisha ended Frenemies- once she stopped being able to gaslight and play victim, the show served no purpose to her, so she ended it.

  4. it definitely $till would’ve $erved a purpo$e for her, lol

  5. But in that moment she was not being believed and therefore could not feel grandiose and play her victim role, hence her hasty decision to end the show. I’m sure minutes after she realized what a big fat mistake that was especially with the loss of that $$$

  6. She says “my friends” but then she says “he.” I think her friend is alcohol/drugs.

  7. Please the cranberry sauce left in the shape of a can😭😭

  8. It’s not styled at all, no braids, ponytails, buns, color streaks, bangs, nothing fun.

  9. And I have yet to see a picture of anything like this!

  10. They did Vice President Harris dirty with that cover. It’s not even shot nicely.

  11. The only reason I can think of for the styling was for VP to appear more down to earth and personable- less like a celebrity getting a normal shoot. But even with that in mind, the look is not it💀

  12. My last job was exactly the same way. All I asked them was- what is the difference between somebody going to the bathroom after they clock out as opposed to an hour later?


  14. The fact I can actually see the little pictures on the jacket make me hate it even more… That print should have been reserved for some MLM leggings

  15. Then proceeded to hire a bunch of news outlets to falsify what was said in court. Plus, Drake mocked her and the shooting in his new album.

  16. Yup so idk why people are pretending like that situation went any better.

  17. Ok to be fair I would call Buffalo upstate New York. Or maybe I’m just a dirty Long Islander.

  18. she's always given me betty broderick energy... doesnt help they both drove their cars into their ex's houses with their children inside.

  19. Ok I will not tolerate Betty Broderick slander. If anything she was gaslighted into acting the way she did

  20. Im not entirely sure whats wrong with the house they just sold. Its pretty large. I dont see why that house wasnt good for kids. Am i missing something? The only conclusion i can come to is, if their area is smaller, it will force them all to be closer to each other. If their house was so large and you didnt know what was going on at the other side of the house then yea i get it. On the hand, it could be as simple as Erik not wanting to live in the house that she bought with her ex husband Josh. Maybe they set a deadline and she ran out of time to house shop because she was so busy sitting on the ground in front of the camera. I dont get the whole wishy washy stuff. First they were going to move but the house they were gonna buy didnt end up happening. But now we are being told, by her, that they bought a house months ago. Which house is this? The one that fell through or a different one. Either way she seems to not have agreed to any of this. She seems very forced to give up the house. And if its smaller, then that means she will have to get rid of stuff. And she seems like the type of person who hoards (mildly of course compared to hoarders tv shows, but still). Im confused on what she truly is upset about. Erik seems ecstatic about the move though. Maybe this smaller space will cause her to have to spend more time with the kids, and film less. That would be wonderful for the kids. Im assuming she will not get to film as often since this smaller house will definitely pick up more background noise such as tantrums, and kids randomly walking in. So she wont be able to go into a room unbothered. And maybe Kory will not be there as often. Who knows. She seems to adore him. She seemed more excited about Korys bday than she did about Eriks. It could be all of these things combined. And of course theres the fact that there are many memories made in the old house. Moving is hard sometimes emotionally but not to the point where she seems to be. She was way more upset than she should be. She clearly hates the new house. And that will just bring more tension between them because now the roles seem reversed. Erik is happy in his new home. She is not.

  21. How is Olivia jade even able to show her face publicly after the college admissions scandal? Like she’s still trying to be an influencer after that? Do these people have no shame?!

  22. Gross. Of course they will, but how fucking stupid is Coleen to actually trust tp?? She’s the biggest liar loser ever and I’m pretty sure Coleen talked lots of shit about tp back when she was best friends with Shame.

  23. Honestly I doubt it. Colleen might be a little ignorant but she’s not stupid.

  24. Just the contrast between both of their looks is wild. TP looks like a crackhead next to this young girl

  25. Lol the way JJD put absolutely no effort into this outfit, which honestly on brand for ssf

  26. “Well maybe you shouldn’t of hit him” stopped that bish in her tracks lol the audacity of her saying if Ethan hadn’t brought that up ppl wouldn’t think she’s a domestic abuser. You’ve been physically, sexually & mentally abusive with your SOs big T, it’s on the videos you posted, enjoy your karma.

  27. Idk how she acts like everything she’s ever done or said /isn’t/ well preserved on the Internet for us to refer back to and reflect on.

  28. If you have to ask “does it matter” in the title, I’m probably not going to care if it does.

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