The REAL Paul Ulibarri Bushnell Commercial

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  1. When LoneStar approves your overnight Berg use request

  2. The Anax is one letter away from anal ... just saying

  3. How far are you throwing? Overall you look pretty athletic and have a nice weight shift which is a huge challenge. You could delay your reachback a little longer so you don't drag the disc behind you. You want to hit peak reachback and then immediately start coming forward so you'd have to reachback later.

  4. Thanks for the comment! I’m throwing around 375-400. Reach back timing is a good point, I worked on that a while back and I think it’s gotten earlier on me. I agree that I am rotating my chest and head too early as well. I’ll compare to some pros and see if I can improve from there.

  5. There is a shrug of your lead shoulder which makes me think you start with a pulling of the arm. This also has a tendency to bring your wrist higher than your elbow, causing nose up drives.

  6. This post might actually be funny if the title was something sound related like “I love the peaceful sounds of nature while playing disc golf”

  7. No worries my text with the post accidentally got deleted. Yah I was looking up reviews of my very predatory rental company today and was just thinking I would love for Reilly and Alf to read reviews about shitty landlords

  8. I also thought “my rental company” meant you owned the rental company lol

  9. Sure- it’s the windows screensaver. You can just click anywhere or hit enter and it will let you log in.

  10. I mean what do you expect to happen carrying around a propane tank?

  11. Now you have to send me the invite every day for a year… doggy style. That’s with your mouth.

  12. I have a whole compilation of clips of slamming into my teammates after a goal and not getting awarded anything (high or low five). We’ve found that tire touches are def not good so try to avoid those. I think sometimes the game just bugs and doesn’t register them.

  13. I feel like this post has so many downvotes because they were trying to downvote what was in the screenshots 😆

  14. Shorts need to buy 100 million+ shares. Don’t compare that to retail people picking up a couple hundred or thousand.

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